Dreams are something we all have and experience. Dreams are a way for our brains to filter through our day and basically makes sense of it all. Sometimes dreams can be used to interpret the future. I can’t say for you what your dreams may mean for you but I know what my dreams can mean for me. I had a dream recently myself and even though I dream every single night this dream stood out to me more than any other dream that I’ve had in at least the last five years. No I’m not going to rehash my dream with you all but I want to take this time out to motivate you all not to give up on yours. That’s what the culture is about right? Making dreams come true and saving lives from the streets. Society likes to put a ceiling or limits on the success of Black and Brown people in this country. We have too many success stories to allow ourselves to be confined to one space.

Some people become successful only to lose it all chasing intangibles like respect, loyalty, love, and power. A lot of people lose themselves chasing dreams all the while not realizing that they are actually chasing a nightmare. Fame is a monster that no one has yet to tame. Either they wrestle their demons in the public light or the privacy of their own darkness. There are some people who feel like no nightmare could be worse than the hell they currently living in. Those are the people who sign deals with “the devil” in the hopes that the devil will get them out of their hell. “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that.”  If you are finally lifted up out of your own personal nightmare you have to rid yourself of almost everything that you came into the game with.

Once you’ve reached the dream you’ve chased for years the devil will remind you that you owe your life and your success. Relentless in the quest to keep you in the darkness you might get pulled over or violated while you’re on probation, ask Meek Mill. None of that should stop you from dream chasing pushing past the ceiling. You can bring your family and friends with you but they’ll have to evolve with you so that means they need to have their own dreams too! Look at Mack Maine from friend to executive producer/manager. Jay Z put his entire team in a space to reach their own dreams. Sometimes you may not be able to see your dreams because you’re surrounded by so much darkness but all you need is a tiny glimmer of light. Don’t give up on your dreams because you could be the forty year old rapper with a hit single on the Billboard charts, ask Lil Duval. A lot of people blow up on the back of Hip Hop/Rap music and leave once they think they’ve hit the ceiling on success within the culture only to realize they left a lot on the table.

“I’ma dream chaser, dream chaser, dream chaser.” – Meek Mill (Dreamchaser)

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