Drug Abuse Resistance Education 2

Last week I got so caught up in the current drug abuse going on in mainstream Rap music I failed to mention the consequences. I’m actually glad I did because drugs ca cause irreparable damage to a person’s life as well as their physical and finances. Out of all of those death is probably the one I’d be afraid of the most. Psychologically young people operate off of feeling invincible. Pretty much believing that they won’t suffer from the misfortunes as others who have walked the same path as them. What happened to Eazy E won’t happen to me because I’m going to use condoms and still have all the sex I want with random women. What happened to DJ Screw won’t happen to me because I live in New York not Texas. Lil Wayne and Rick Ross now have epileptic seizure somewhere in their medical history. That’s scary. Ask someone who has epilepsy! Hard drugs can still get you in the end if they don’t get you indirectly through a person’s behavior.

There have been plenty of Rappers, athletes, other celebrities, and average people who have succumb to their drug vices long after they’ve reached the climax of their career. What people don’t understand is that drugs are addictive and just because you do drugs in a “non-traditional” manner does not mean you aren’t doing the same drugs. Whether a person uses pills, needles, cough syrup, or a spoon all of the results are the same. It’s no secret that some young people live for the moment, YOLO, so they make decisions as if there’s no tomorrow. I know tomorrow is promised to no one but no one stops to think what would they do today if it were. How many of these young Rappers will we see in ten years looking disheveled, frail, and electrocuted? How many of these young Rappers will we remember when they die of a heart attack in the next twenty years? We might give their records a couple of spins but after that will you ever crave to hear their music again?

No wonder these young Rappers only make music for the moment; because they don’t want to be remembered as someone who made a difference just someone who was “getting money”. We will look back on their Instagram and Snapchat posts and what do you think we’ll see? I only follow certain Rappers and Emcees so you go check after you finish reading this post. Somebody is going to need a GoFundMe, somebody will have young children, and someone else will have money issues. I guess they don’t care because they’ll be dead and their family will have to work all that out. I mean they lived the life of sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll just to support them. At what cost do young entertainers tell their family “no” just so she/he can save their own mental health? They come into the game thinking they can handle the rigorous lifestyle and then they start getting more popular so they have to work more. Some get sucked in to their stage persona that they start doing all kinds of things and there’s no one to say no to these young stars because they want to make sure their own check is steady coming in. Some have an industry random offer them something to “keep them going”. Only to become dependent on whatever drug it is they graduate to which often times takes their life and it may be later than sooner.

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