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Drug Abuse Resistance Education

Apparently if you search “drug rap” on Google images Lil Wayne pops up holding a bottle of prescription drugs with his name clearly labeled on the bottle. In his defense Lil Wayne is not the first or only Rapper that uses or has used prescription drugs to intoxicate themselves. Future, Migos, 2 Chainz, and several others Rap about their drug abuse in a lot of their music. Drug usage in the music industry is undeniable but who is drinking lean or popping pills? Lil Yachty was on TMZ not too long ago saying that he doesn’t smoke or drink. Why would someone lie about doing drugs? My bad I forgot they’re selling themselves to impressionable young people, who for some reason believe that all Rappers do drugs. I thought being honest was apart of being real.

Don’t get me wrong my generation of Hip Hop had their moments when ecstasy became popular. I remember there was an entire song dedicated to the drug on the Violator compilation album. It is obvious that the reason we have mumble Rap is because a lot of the young Rappers are on these prescription drugs. If you are taking downers and suppressants you’re going to be more relaxed, that’s why they take it right? Resulting in a lower tone of voice, low speaking volume, basically an altered communication ability. On the microphone they think they sound alright because they have headphones on in the booth. If you’re going to “do drugs” don’t allow your drug usage to infringe on your business or family. When these young Rappers get older no one will be buying a ticketed to their shows. Hopefully they won’t fall on hard times and lose it all. The same chemical that is in cocaine is in a lot of prescription drugs.

Look at Souljah Boy, Lil Wayne, YG, or others that might use drugs or alcohol a little heavier than others. DMX may be struggling with drugs and alcohol but his lyrical ability was never directly affected by his drug abuse. Nancy Raegan taught my generation to say no to drugs and a lot of my peers ended up smoking marijuana. Drug abuse resistance education is something that a young person can do on their own in a matter of seconds thanks to the internet. If you weren’t listening in health or science class then you probably missed all of the drug lessons. We adults need to do our own research to just to keep up with the music. There are so many different types of drugs floating around your community we all have to be careful. Once these Rappers sober up they’ll listen to their old music in shock. Gucci Mane is making some great life decisions and that is due to him being sober. A clean mind writes a clean rhyme.


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