Early Dismissal

Over the weekend women all over the world marched for women’s rights and equality. Speaking out against systems is the new fad in the entertainment industry with the #MeToo movement. Just like they did in 1913 at the Women’s Suffrage March, Black women and their voices have either been muffled or silenced all together. Women in Hip Hop and Rap music have always had to have a man next to them to be recognized or “borrow” their style just to get people to listen to their records. Even when the woman is doper than the man or whoever’s popular at the time she is still dismissed before anyone actually gives her a break. Hip Hop is all about ego and bravado but a lot of the guy Rappers are insecure so when a woman comes and out rhymes these guys her voice is sometimes silenced. Men are taught at a young age that women are inferior to them in every way and that includes rapping. Black women have the most college degrees and own the most businesses yet we are the most ignored.

Mo’Nique has everyone coming down on her for speaking out against Netflix not wanting to pay her what she knows she is worth. What if Lil Kim would have spoken out about her domestic experiences with Biggie Smalls? Charlie Baltimore? I’m quite sure that there are many others because drug abuse is a part of the culture and the risk of domestic incidents increase when drugs and alcohol are involved. Why do these women feel the need to silence their own voice? Who will listen if my feelings in other areas have been dismissed or ignored? There are men out there with good intentions but let’s face it, men don’t always know how their actions play a part in belittling or demeaning women.

Remy Ma isn’t Fat Joe but her record deal should reflect her talent. I’m sure a lot of women who rap were approached by men in a way that wasn’t appropriate. What did they do? Either quit or suck it up and as a result we’ve lost some of the greatest emcees that we’ve never heard. Be careful how you talk to your daughters, your sisters, your aunts, and your mothers. Be careful about how the music you listen to shapes your actions, opinions, and ideas about women because the women talked about in Rap music are not realistic. Men define how women in this country are viewed and received. Men make government policies about women’s rights every day so what do you think is happening in the Rap music industry? Women aren’t the head of any of the major labels. A lot of the women that Rappers interact with have a different mind frame, body type, and their overall look is that of a fantasy. A fantasy image that they themselves can barely keep up with.

“By letting her pass I had proved to be a better man.” – Imani (Passin’ Me By)

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