Earth Day

420 is gets a lot of love in April but, it is not the only plant-based holiday in April. Earth Day is a worldwide celebration to show support for environmental protection. The first “Earth Day” celebration was in 1970 and is held every year on April 22nd. After we’ve come out of the haze of cannabis-oriented celebrations on April 20th we should shift our gears to cultivate a healthy relationship with the planet we inhabit. Before you sign-up to live on Mars, remember that you won’t see that in your lifetime and, even if you did could you afford it? Anyway, Earth Day is hardly ever recognized in Hip Hop Culture and, if it is put into a rhyme all it gets is a small bar not even a full 16. The planet we live on has always been taken for granted by most people not just the Hip Hop/Rap community. Rappers talk about weed and money in their rhymes as if they aren’t derived from a plant, the least they could do is thank Mother Earth.

Technology cannot replace planet Earth and all that it has given us. Synthetics are never better than the natural remedies. When you can’t farm, you can’t purify water, and you don’t have clean air you have to depend on the government to provide those things in some capacity. The government has tainted water, polluted air, and poisoned food…a synthetic Earth does not seem like a far-off concept. We might get that before the first foot steps onto Mars. You rarely see mainstream Hip Hop contributors say anything about charity so to see them mention anything about the environment would be a breath of “clean air.” Go see the Earth Day movie that Disney releases every year, even if you have to smoke weed before you hit the theater. Plant a tree, turn over some soil, or go to a local park. Take a break from hunting season and go vegan.

There are so many things about the Earth that we do not know because we haven’t been on this planet long enough. Humans have an ego that is bigger than our solar system. To think that you know more than someone who has been doing the same job for thousands of years is facetious. No matter how bad we treat the Earth she has always bounced back but, as you can see by the drastic weather changes, major weather disasters, and events she can’t bounce back like she used to. I think I understand why Mother Earth gets no love, because she’s personified as a woman. Women don’t get the respect they deserve from men. Men fetishize the things they love as women, especially their car. The car gets the love because it is something to be used. How many Rap songs do you know about cars or mentions a luxury vehicle? Real women, Mother Nature, and Mother Earth are all nurturers of the lives of men. We feed, we clothe, we support, and we give our last to men who take us for granted. Rappers gloat all the time about “not knowing real love until they had a daughter” as if they never had a mother. If your biological mother, stepmother, foster mother, or grandmother treated you bad you can always go to Mother Earth and she will show you everything you need to survive in her world. Just don’t forsake her.

“I’m not environmentally conscious so f**k an Earth Day on my worse day.” – Chino XL (Many Different Ways)

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