Embracing Hip Hop in 2015


As we close out this year’s Hip Hop History Month I want to make this blog a bit of a PSA. (Aren’t most of them PSAs?) I want everyone who claims they are real Hip Hop heads or claim to be of said Hip Hop generation to really take Hip Hop serious in 2015. Start now so that when 2014 ends you can already be ahead of the game. Really evaluate and assess you’re the Rap music that you listen to and see what affect it is having on your own lifestyle. If all you listen to is Migos and you’re stuck in the trap treat your ears to something more concrete such as this new J. Cole that’s about to drop. Don’t push yourself to hard and go from Rich Homie Quan to Chuck D because it might be too much for you. Take your time and ease your way into the sociopolitical Hip Hop.

Parents, really sit down and utilize the Hip Hop Study Guide with your children. Teach them about themselves through Hip Hop. Men, put on Jeru the Damaja and teach your sons about the difference between Queens and the latter. We need to take back what’s ours! We cannot let Hip Hop fall to the wayside like Rock N’ Roll did. We need to be less accepting of the BS in 2015! When there is a song on the radio with the lyrcis ‘blah blah blah’ there’s an enormous problem. I can’t stand it and don’t want to hear it! DJs, radio personalities, program directors, and label execs need to stop making excuses for their endorsement of bad rap. That’s all it is, plain and simple. The LOX been dropping heat and even though the streets love it and we are embracing it I still don’t hear the joints on the radio like I should! People respond to artists who have longevity and that have proven themselves in the game.

I introduce new music to people every chance I get! I played that new Ghostface ‘Love Don’t Live Here No More’ and when I tell them Ghost has been dropping albums annually for the past five years I get the shocked look. Stay away from the rap alike-look alike losers. Seek out originality and don’t take what the media gives you at face value. They know there’s better music out there. Read! Read! Read! Reading never gets old and if you’re getting books off of our Book Listing you know that you’re reading quality literature that has factual information. Don’t ever underestimate the power of a great book!

We need to boycott these artist and demand that the radio balances our airwaves! They say marching and boycotting doesn’t work but I beg to differ in this case. The labels have never been boycotted or ‘sat-in’ and the artists who are slaves will be the first to rat as they have already compromised their morals, values, and self to get a piece of that all mighty dollar! In order to infiltrate the system you have to get in first!!! A virus cannot cause damage a system if it isn’t uploaded onto your computer. We need to work alongside that group ‘Anonymous’ to force these labels to reinstate artist development and outlaw 360 deals. Yes, I’m in vigilante mode right now but we need to keep this feeling, this attitude, and this mind state if we want to truly see change. Make them change that train wreck show Love & Hip Hop to something else! Who owns the two words Hip Hop? Although no one should own the words but it needs to be protected from slanderous use and misrepresentation.

At the age of forty Hip Hop needs to be shown some respect instead of being degraded in many ways. The wacker the artists get the weaker the genre gets and by the time you look up we’d have given up and gave away our beloved culture and she deserves more than that.

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