Fabulous Timing

While all of you are feeding into the circus that is Kanye West Mr. John “Fabolous” Jackson was indicted by a Grand Jury in the State of New Jersey after a domestic incident earlier this year involving the mother of his two children, Emily Bustamante. Rappers are people too and they go through the same struggles that we go through and that includes unhealthy relationships. October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month and I want to remind everyone that when dealing with crimes of a domestic nature the authorities don’t need the accuser to bring up charges against the accused. Since domestic abuse victims retract their statements, refuse to testify, or drop charges due to threats of violence or death by the abusers and/or their family and friends or the promise of a better partner the authorities take it upon themselves to save folks from themselves. Facing several charges and the possibility of twenty years in prison I’m sure Fab is happy that Kanye took his circus to Washington D. C. so he wouldn’t be feeling any heat on social media.

There is no rollout plan for bad publicity all you can do is try to control the narrative for the sake of your “image” or “brand.” Fabolous has been “squeaky clean” his entire career up until now. For the most part Fab had everyone thinking he was a low-key dude who enjoyed sneakers, fitteds, and at one time jerseys. The timing of this indictment coming down the pipe is perfect for Fab. Domestic abusers are master manipulators and right now Fab is winning in the court of public opinion. Of course he’s getting some backlash but this indictment isn’t garnering half the attention that video of him yelling at Emily B. in front of her father and brother. Why? Because people care more about what Kanye is doing than what say a Mysonne or a Fabolous are doing.

If Fab is convicted of even one charge and does five years what happens when he comes home? Will the Hip Hop community still embrace him? Regardless of whether Emily and him stay together it is unfortunate that the children will be able to go online and research their parents and the only thing that will pop up for Emily is her relationship with Fabolous. The couple has been rumored to have gotten married to prevent Emily from having to testify against Fabolous in court so the prosecution won’t have a witness. There are other witnesses and I’m sure her father and brother would love to testify and let’s not forget the children. Witnesses are witnesses no matter how old they are. Fab and Emily have themselves and their family living in a false sense of reality. Imagine the two of them coercing their children not to talk to the authorities or simply convincing them that everything is love…including violence.

“Riding like, “What the ____ is an indictment?” Fabolous (When the Money Goes, Honey Stays [When the Money Goes Remix])

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