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Facts Only

Global warming is an environmental issue that a lot of people either don’t acknowledge or don’t care to know about. This change in the Earth’s climate is caused mostly by the food that we eat. It takes a lot of diesel fuel to get our food from the factory to our local grocery store. When the food arrives to the store for purchase there are nutrition facts labeled on the side or back panel. A lot of the nutritional facts are alternative facts that have been approved by the FDA. Soon and very soon all of our food will cease to even have a label resulting in more cancer, more heart disease, and just more unhealthy citizens all across the country. As the FDA slowly phases out the use of food labeling there are other industries that have already profited off of not labeling their products. The way we consume music has evolved over the years from tapes, to vinyl, to compacts discs, to now where a song is simply an mp3.

Be it a cassette or a record music has always had ways of communicating to its consumers who, what, when, where, why, and how a song or an album was created. Label, album insert, album art work, or whatever you want to call it always had the artists’ name, project title, track listing, record label, and the lyrics to each song! Johnathon Barnbrook took home the Grammy Award for Best Recording Package. If Rap music is all digital and no physical copies will we even be nominated in this category ever again? Are executives trying to hide something? Maybe their artist can’t Rap and they want to keep as much information in-house as possible. Sounds a little shady and a little suspect.

No labels on our food and no labels on our music, is that really a big deal? Yes, it is. I don’t want to be fed poison literally or figuratively. Food that makes you sick, music that makes you sick, clothes that cost as much as healthcare, and the illusion on of choice are major money makers in this country but unless you’re one of the policymakers or the executives. We have to start writing the rules and writing the wrongs that they’ve put into place to keep us down. A digital project can still allow the consumer the ability to flip through the pages and read who produced, who co-wrote, who sung. Labels serve a purpose and the parental guidance system also doesn’t work anymore since everything is online. If other outlets are presenting alternative facts we need to know the real facts when it comes to the music we listen to.


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