Fake Rap

Kendrick Lamar is the greatest Rapper alive right now, PERIOD! The Heart Part 4 has brought tears to my eyes. The rhymes, the content, the Drake dissing, the truth, and Black America are all mentioned in the four minutes and forty eight seconds 2 verse track. The song The Heart Part 4 is the first off of Kendrick’s upcoming album for which we don’t yet have a name (but may have something to do with the number 4) is scheduled for release on April 7th. The song itself is almost one long verse but with the beat changes it could easily be four individual songs. The fact that the human heart has four chambers makes me think that the four songs that K. Dot mashed up into one verse is what he’s feeling in his heart. The climate of Rap today has young Rappers rapping about addictive drugs and ignoring their true feelings about life and the industry. “Ni**as is fake rich, b*thes is fake bad/Blacks that act white, whites that do the dab” is a message to us all. The “tanning of America” seems to be more of an identity crisis for our society and not the Kumbaya country a lot of people thought it was under the Obama Administration.

Not many emcees can command the culture with a verse so for Kendrick to drop one song only to prepare us for a full length project is earth shattering. That Drake diss is hard! I’m not going to elaborate too much on it but Drake, OVO, and Drake fans know for a fact that Kendrick would body Drake in a straight up battle. A ghostwriter cannot prepare him for that level of verbal assault. The sneak bars they’ve been trading is cool but Kendrick makes no qualms about his feelings towards Drizzy on this one. Kendrick refers to himself as “the greatest rapper alive/So damn great, mother****er, I’ve died/What you hearin’ now is a paranormal vibe”. When Rappers take breaks between projects it’s easy for a career to die out when they don’t have a strong social media presence or are constantly touring but not Mr. Lamar. His career is alive and well and if I do say so myself it’s doing better than that other guy because More Life is wack. I know it’s not a solo Drake project but OVO’s bread and butter is Drizzy so without him they ain’t making no noise.

A lot of what some might consider as top tier Rappers have been giving fake rap to the masses for some time now. Nicki Minaj was bodied and Drake isn’t measuring up to Kendrick. Looking at the game long-term Kendrick got it. I think young Rap fans are seeing with every release that the ones they held to high standards that there is a higher standard than the YMCMB ceiling. After about three or four radio raps they can’t take anymore’ they want substance, content, bars, and beats. They are getting weary and tired of the fake rap and the fake rappers. With the recent surge in classic Hip Hop emcees releasing dope music young people are taking notice and listening. We’ve discussed wack rap, bad rap, new rap, and old rap but fake rap is what you get when the person’s heart isn’t in it. No culture, no history, and no knowledge of self will get you every time. There’s “a difference between accomplishments and astonishments. Y’all got ’til April the 7th to get ya’ll sh*t together.”

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