Finding Your Niche

We know Hip Hop Culture began over forty years ago but there is no one person who “created” the culture. Keith Cowboy of The Furious Five is credited with coining the term Hip Hop when others were still calling it “disco rap.” In the early days it wasn’t uncommon to find people who dabbled in multiple elements of the culture. Young people are constantly discovering themselves and establishing who they are as a person in the world. So exploring, testing limits, and taking risks is part of growing up and trying to become your own person is a growing pain that a lot of the up and coming young rappers have been experiencing. Learning how to watch what you say, when to listen, and when to speak is a learned behavior that takes time to master. There are some rappers who won’t be named who speak negatively upon icons within the culture because they are still learning how to “adult.”

A person can have media training but controlling your emotions and thinking before you speak is something that comes with age and experience. That’s why you see a lot of young rappers run to Twitter to “vent” only to delete their tweets later on at the suggestion of their publicist or the realization that they were wrong or a bit overzealous. Finding your niche within the culture is a tough task as there are a lot of people looking to get over on you and your art for a piece of green paper. You don’t want to seem soft but you don’t want to be labeled as difficult to work with either. Finding that fine line and then having to tightrope walk on it is not easy. This is why it is imperative to surround yourself with people who actually have the art’s best interest in mind, and the artists too of course. Not yes men and women.

Rappers become actors, hosts, owners, designers, and a bunch of other things once they’ve secured their place within the culture. A new artist can’t maneuver the way they like because they haven’t established themselves as a real talent as oppose to a here today gone tomorrow type of act. Find your niche and build on that. That is what gets you in the door for other opportunities and support. Believe in yourself, your art, your movement, and everything else you do; that’s your niche! No one can do what you’re doing the way you do it because you are uniquely you. Give the young rappers a chance because some of them won’t be around long so you don’t have much to worry about. If we allow them time to grow as people they’ll shape up and so will their music. We’ll see less colored dreads and more breaking bread.

“Wake up and go get some money go and find your niche.” –Cardi B (Foreva)

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