Fine Chyna

Over the weekend video footage of Brooklyn rapper Foxy Brown getting booed off stage and subsequently disrespected by the DJ when he opted to play Lil Kim’s “The Jump Off”. Foxy Brown is a nineties Raptress whose career has not aged well in the music business. Foxy Brown was once a young woman at the top of her game but unfortunately no one in her circle was honest or courageous enough to tell her to relax her ego and humble herself. Even when Foxy lost her hearing some people did not have any sympathy for her because of all the shenanigans she’s pulled over the years. Behind the scenes, we’ll never know but Rappers today will never have that luxury. Everything is filmed or documented either visually or sonically. This is why humility, manners, professionalism, and friendliness are important intangible qualities that every artist should have.

It is rumored that another popular Raptress is mean-spirited behind the scenes but at the same time not everyone wants to or likes to take orders from a head-strong Black woman. However, a career cannot and will not last long enough for someone to constantly burn bridges wherever they go. Despite being deaf Foxy Brown could be one of the top performers today. Festivals would welcome her to their stage and roll out those red carpets she once graced. Those same bridges she burned were rebuilt by the same people that got burned the first time. Now those same people don’t even want her to come near their bridges for fear of another fire.

You can age gracefully in this game or you can age out. Not many have been able to transition from era to era and it is noticeable by their behavior. Some people link up with the hottest new act to get some of their clout. Some people diss older acts as a way to get their name into the media cycle. Others act like they’ve lost it all and do weird or outlandish things on social media. As someone who takes rhyming seriously you do not want to reduce your image into a caricature of who you once were just to get the attention of millennials who still won’t listen to your music. You want to be able to age like fine wine and get better with time. This is how you repurpose your career and create new streams of revenue. Noreaga refocusing his energy into podcasting is one of the best examples out here. You can’t expect to taste a good wine with grapes from ’99. You need grapes that have been refined and allowed to age until they are ripe enough to be pressed, bottled, and packaged for the best wine tasting experience. Somebody needs to tell Fox we don’t like wine out of the box.


“Me fallin off? Imagine that, it’s not the case.” – Foxy Brown (Hot Spot)

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