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Jermaine Dupri has been recruited by the Atlanta Super Bowl Host Committee to curate series of live concert events leading up to the main event scheduled on February 9th. Jermaine Dupri is a great representation of the City of Atlanta, the culture, and the music despite not being given the accolades he deserves. The idea thrown put into the universe by Isaac Hayes III about someone in Atlanta simply taking the reins and producing their own “halftime show” with Atlanta’s top artists both past and present. The Super Bowl Host Committee clearly heard these words and tried to alleviate the situation by giving Jermaine Dupri a platform to showcase the talent residing in the Atlanta-Metro area. Jermaine Dupri has lead the charge in many instances and continues to rise to the occasion.

If you’re older than me than you know how long Eric Sermon has lived in Atlanta. You know the strides that were made at LaFace Records in Atlanta. So So Def and Organized Noise were supported by LaFace which is the beginning of the Atlanta Hip Hop family tree. Atlanta has lead the charge for decades which is why the culture is being heavily impacted by the 8,376sq mile metropolitan. Hip Hop History Month is quickly approaching and we still aren’t saluting those who have gone to war on behalf of the culture. When it’s all said and done JD will be on the right side of Hip Hop History and no one will be able to take away what he has selflessly given to us musically and business wise. A lot of people look to Jay Z because he’s in front of the camera. JD lives behind the boards and because we don’t always see him we don’t always see his contributions.

We have to lead the charge during football season, award show season, festival season, and basketball season. The NBA All Star Game is just as big a platform as any other so what artists from North Carolina will make the cut? Will 9th Wonder be able to contribute anything during the week of events in the City of Charlotte? Many times after realizing their mistakes the same ones who snub us will ask us to join in with what they’re doing but by then it should be too late. They know the power we hold so they try to leverage it with pseudo-empathy and we’re so forgiving and naïve that we go for it! No realizing that they just want to make a quick dollar all the while we could have made huge strides for our culture. Leaders have their own mind, their own thoughts, and their own opinions. So you can either be a leader of the new school, follow the leader, or you can lead the charge.

“You see it’s leaders and it’s followers.” – Kanye West (New Slaves)

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