Forever Hip Hop

It is Friday and I am glad! There are only a few artists that can say that they are cemented in the Hip Hop history books. Being an emcee that will forever represent the culture provides them and their families with “nostalgic revenue” and supplemental education for all of us! Only real emcees, lyricists, and cultural influences can be considered forever Hip Hop. Talib Kweli and Yasiin Bey will both forever represent the culture as individuals so putting them together only magnifies their talents, skills, and impact on the culture. If Tupac Shakur and Notorious B.I.G. would have only had one album we may not be talking about them with the same passion. Only those who are knowledgeable about the culture know who Big L is.

The only emcee that seems to be heading in the direction of representing Hip Hop Culture forever is Kendrick Lamar. Not Drake and not even Jermaine Cole. J. Cole will become a legend and Drake may also but what Kendrick is doing right now is the reason he is breaking the glass. Being an artist who will forever represent Hip Hop Culture can do a concert and go on tour without having dropped any music since their last project. Look at P. Diddy and the Bad Boy Reunion Tour. Bad Boy artists have a more than a “core fan base” they have people who grew up on their music they are a part of an era. Bad Boy is cemented in the Hip Hop history books and it’s because of the talent they had on their roster in the nineties. A lot of Rappers today are only as good as their single. A single isn’t always going to get those spins, streams, or downloads and not all singles turn out to be an It Takes Two or a Jump Around.

Hip Hop Culture will be around for the rest of our lives and those forever emcees, lyricists, and cultural influences will be remembered long after we’re all gone. People are “bringing back the 90s” because they are trying to revive an old revenue stream which is cool for the old heads and the eighties babies but for the millennials it’s like a whole new wave and they have the opportunity to learn about the culture and the history of the culture. If they knew where we came they maybe they wouldn’t have steered us in this direction. Noreaga can get a beat from Pharrell whenever he wants and the new song, Uno Mas, is super dope but if it wasn’t for the success of Superthug and Oh No who knows what their relationship would be like today. Because the aforementioned songs are cemented in Hip Hop History they can do whatever they want whenever they want slime! (N.O.R.E. voice) Ageism aside if you are really in this for the right reasons you’ll study the game and get better at your craft it won’t matter how old you are as long as the music is timeless.

“It may not mean nothin’ to y’all, I want this sh*t forever, man.” –Drake (Forever)