Freedom of Speech Does Not Include Hip Hop

Over the past week or so Rapper, The Game has been catching a lot of flak for a few things he said during an appearance on Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club. I listened to the interview prior to the aftermath and I didn’t see why two people in particular were upset. We know The Game is no stranger to controversy or violence. As a red shirting Compton native we love Game for representing the West Coast over the years while being a part of dying breed of emcees who Rap what they live and live what they Rap. I’ve discussed on numerous occasions the violence in Hip Hop as well as how “reality rap” can result in legal woes.

As some of you know The Game and radio personality Star of Star and Buc Wild have some history that goes back to when Game first came into the industry but the reason(s) are different amongst both parties. Needless to say both Star and Game have not extended the olive branch to each other since and the Breakfast Club interview opened up some old wounds. Game said a few things about Star and Star basically didn’t like it. Star wasn’t threatened in person by The Game and I can guarantee you that Star is not in New York hiding from the Game either. So why on earth would Star get the NYPD involved? This isn’t about not snitching it’s about the frivolity of the entire situation. Game said himself that he faces frivolous lawsuits on a regular basis and although Game is more financially well off than most of us he is by no means one of the super-rich. This man has children to raise and provide for and people are just coming after him to him to make a quick buck.

Star may not be suing The Game, right now anyway, but getting the NYPD involved is a whole other problem in and of itself. The next time The Game goes to New York the police will be waiting. He is a card carrying gang member so how do you think they’ll treat him when he does arrive at JFK or LaGuardia? The Game is not staying out of New York because of the police and/or Star. So how do you think this will play out? You can’t even go on a radio show and talk about the past without it being rehashed in the present day. Hip Hop has always seemed to be excluded from the first amendment from the days of N.W.A. to mainstream and local artists today. When Noreaga first put out music he didn’t even know that Rappers could “lie” in their music so if you go back to his first album or the early CNN work if Nore is talking about shooting someone…it really went down like that. Imagine the trouble he could get into in today’s Hip Hop if were to do the same thing on a current project. Freedom of Speech does not include Hip Hop unless you lack melanin than you can talk about killing whomever you want and you probably won’t get apprehended by anyone or any government agencies. The constitution was not written with Black people or any other minority in mind so be mindful of what you say because freedom isn’t free.

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