From Nothing to Something

We are in the midst of 2016 and we still have time to make our mark on this calendar year. This holiday weekend commemorates when the United States was “independent” on Britain and the kings and queens during that time. The immigrants that migrated to this country built the western culture off of the backs of African slaves and continued to send money back to England making “Independence Day” somewhat of a joke to some of us. In this country a holiday is celebrated so everyday folks like us can have a day off of work and possibly still get paid for all of our hard work and sacrifice throughout the year. The United States started off as a business venture that was found to be extremely profitable and as times changed the business plan had to be adjusted to accommodate more workers and the money it was bringing in. The music industry is also a business and Hip Hop/Rap music wasn’t initially found to be profitable simply because it was Black folk music but once the business side was figured out some of the artists became slaves and paid taxes and fees back to label as if it were a sovereign country.

To this day North America continues to provide England with income off of the backs of those of us who work every day in the rat race. Napster and the “Brexit” are one in the same as both did and will bring about major change in their respective industries. If a label shuts down the artist shouldn’t have to panic or go into frenzy about how their career will be affected. An artist shouldn’t be quivering over whether they’ll get dropped or not. I know a lot of artists claim to be independent but having a distribution deal means that you are paying a company (i.e. Universal or Sony) a percentage of your sales just to ship your project to different states and possibly overseas. With technology being in everyone’s home regardless of income an artist could simply stream it on however many platforms they want. Tech N9ne has been distributing his own albums for over ten years in his own building.

See, you can go from nothing to something but if you have nothing in the beginning make sure that as you build up to something that you keep your integrity and one hundred percent of your something. If you want to earn every single penny you can’t give others a piece of your penny. Coming from nothing don’t just take or give away anything; just because your surroundings change doesn’t mean you made it. Going from nothing to something isn’t going from jail to a half-way house because you’re still being watched by the courts. You might be independent but you’re still paying someone to do something you could be doing yourself. Hip Hop/Rap music is a business so eliminate the middle man and keep that extra money, that’s how you go from nothing to something.

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