From the Balcony

As our favorite rappers and emcees grow older the assumption is that maturity comes with age. Well that doesn’t always hold true and with the loss of artist development kids in the Rap game may have almost like an extended adolescent stage in their lives. On top of that Rap is seen as a young person’s domain so with the genre being so young it may be hard to imagine a mature adult Rapper that’s not engaging in such petty or a trivial back and forth with anyone let alone for the sake of publicity. 50 Cent started his career as a Rapper but leveraged that into a type of “big brother” relationship with Hip Hop. He’s kind of a bully yet he still cares to some degree about the wellbeing of whomever he’s taunting. Right now it’s Jim Jones and they’ve been trading insults via Instagram for a while now. Even though the banter is off and on it sometimes gets annoying to see grown men and women “arguing” on social media.

How old do you have to be to stop making “your mama” jokes? Imagine Tekashi69 still trolling and doing what he does at the age of 45? Same goes for D. Trump…how long are we going to be subjected to this petty, immature, and attention seeking behavior? Even though 50 might have a “master plan” to his lifetime of trolling but I hope not at the expense of his legacy. He has a classic album in Get Rich or Die Trying with a classic movie to boot! Money talks I’m sure but you have to learn how to ignore the whispers. It takes a lot of energy to drum up conflict and to maintain that same hostility and animosity. Jay and Nas still throw jabs at each other but if you weren’t paying attention you wouldn’t notice. Jay made sure OTRII came out on the heels of NASIR. Same goes for Pusha-T and birdman and Lil Wayne. Those are sometimes the best beefs because a grown man will stop your money while a child can’t even stop a runny nose.

I don’t want 50 Cent sitting next to Tekashi69 in the balcony making jokes, dissing, or criticizing anyone in 2048. Looking like old grumpy men who are has-beens in the Rap game. One day someone is going to hear them from the balcony and they may not like the response. We know 50’s Jamaica, Queens backstory and I can’t tell you how many people think 69 is an industry plant or a project from the Tavistock Institute. Sitting in the balcony implies that you are looking down on others for your entertainment. Just remember Lincoln got shot sitting in the balcony. You can act your shoe size, you can age gracefully in the Rap game, or you can age out of the game altogether.

“Keep you at the bottom but tease you with the upper crust.” – Lupe Fiasco (Words I Never Said)

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