It is Friday and Donald J. Trump is somehow still the President of this country. I know it’s disheartening but we must do what we have done for centuries and that is to keep pushing. With all that is going on politically with this country being on the brink of war with North Korea it’s a wonder why YG’s FTD isn’t in constant rotation. The track features west coast emcee Nipsey Hussle who recently called out Clear Channel, now known as iHeart Radio, for not giving the song anymore light quickly after Trump took office. I think Nipsey knows the answer to that and maybe just wants the Rap audience to recognize this and speak out. It would be farfetched not to think that Bob Pittman the CEO of the media company has some type of relationship with the current President. He has donated to the Democratic Party for years but money talks to all of us! The song doesn’t threaten the President in any form or fashion so what’s their excuse?

This is a song that should be going down in history similar to Jeezy’s My President is Black. It seems like the song is being taken for granted. People say F.T.D. everyday! (This is a family blog LOL) If Trump walks in front of me I can say it and then possibly escorted elsewhere but I have the right to say whatever I want. If Eminem can kill his mother in songs YG and Nipsey can musically discuss their frustration with the current administration. Light bulb! What if someone of African descent did say F.T.D. in a public place? What would the repercussions be? Most Pan-Africans are already in jail simply because they can’t afford the bond so imagine what the bond for this type of charge would be. Imagine how much prison time one of us could get for this type of offense. Guantanamo anyone? Death penalty perhaps? (Khaled voice)

Maybe if Eminem wrote F.T.D. it’d be alright. No wonder YG enlisted G-Eazy and Macklemore for Pt. 2 of F.T.D. But the song still fell on deaf ears. Yes I know you may be streaming the song every day in your car but are the windows down? Can other cars hear your personal protest? It’s all subjective folks but we have to get behind songs like this or we won’t hear them anymore. I’m happy that a YG is voicing his political opinion. I’m happy that a Nipsey Hussle is sharing his views on the current President. This allows their core audience to become engaged and encourage them to discuss the issues amongst themselves. It even encourages them to start watching the news and be more politically active. Don’t think that gangsters don’t care about their community because if things get any worse in the hood…I don’t know what our people would do. When we are left to our own devices we can either build an empire or destroy one but it only takes one second for things to fall apart.

“He too rich, he ain’t got the answers.” –YG (F.T.D.)

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