Ghostface Killah: A Real Emcee

Today one of the greatest storytellers Hip Hop has ever seen put Action Bronson on blast for biting his style, delivery, and flow. This situation has been brewing for a while. Probably since Action Bronson came into the game which wasn’t that long ago compared to Ghostface Killah who’s been in the game for two decades? This ladies and gentlemen is real Hip Hop right before your eyes. I remember bumping Supreme Clientele soon as I got my driver’s license! Ghostface Killah is a representation of Hip Hop at its core and in its purest form. It is so refreshing to hear a Rapper confront another Rapper about biting his style and to have it be someone from a time in Rap music where you had to be original while commanding the utmost respect. Copying another emcee’s style or wordplay was unheard of and got a lot of Rappers clowned!

If you haven’t been abreast to what was going on prior to Ghost’s video I’m going to take you all the way back. On Raekwon’s Shark N***** (Biting), Ghost describes why he would never want another Rapper copying his style. Really, everything he said in ‘94/’95 still applies. I think it’s something a lot of these mainstream Rappers need to listen too. That’s why they all sound the same. No originality, so busy trying to be popular they just allow the labels to control their sound. It’s easier to just copy something that already works as it requires no effort and no creativity. I mean even if you want to claim this current “flow trend” or give props to Lord Infamous for creating it you could still call out the copycats. Everybody wants to give credit to Future and Migos but Project Pat has been using that style for years. He’s been in the game just as long Ghostface. Now after years of controversy everything is blowing up in Action Bronson’s face. Ghostface Killah admitted he mistook an Action Bronson track for one of his own.

What took Ghost and probably a lot of WuTang fans over the edge was Action Bronson’s recent appearance on ESPN’s SportsNation last week. This prompted a phone call from Tony Starks to address what he said on live television. Some tweets were tweeted out then subsequently deleted. Then first thing Monday morning we get this video straight from the desk of Ghostdini. Forget the seriousness of this video for a second because this video was the most hilarious thing to happen in Hip Hop in years! Only Ghostface Killah can have Harold Melvin and the Bluenotes in the background while he checks somebody. That’s how you know his style is original because that’s a track he would rhyme over! Complete with vocals no sample just rhyming over the entire track. Metaphorically slapping the microphone out of Action Bronson’s hand in front of the entire Hip Hop community. Now we have real tweets with screenshots to boot! Action Bronson knew he was wrong and probably deleted the previous tweets because he thought Ghost was all talk but if he really knew who each member of the WuTang Clan was before the rhymes he wouldn’t be finding himself in this position.

That stuff Ghostface was talking in that video is not alleged. I’m pretty sure he knows a guy. He has the tour schedule. (LOL) What else do you need? Some of you young people are used to Rappers saying anything on a track and talking greasy with no real consequences. When someone like Ghostface Killah B.K.A. Tony Starks, B.K.A. Ironman, B.K.A. Ghostdini, B.K.A. Theodore checks you; you better straighten up! Ghostface Killah is a legend in the game who has never stopped working releasing studio or collaborative projects every single year! He may not remember but I met Ghostface in Atlanta once and even though he was low key I’ll never forget meeting one of my favorite emcees. I wish this could’ve gone on wax though. No contest but it would’ve been good for the culture. I guarantee you Michelle, Max, and Marcellus have seen this video response from Ghost. Action Bronson Hip Hop will never let you live this down. His pen doesn’t match up to the sword of Ghostface Killah. Action Bronson will have to carry this burden for as long as your career will last after this because you tried to go against Ghostface Killah, a real emcee.

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