Glad It Ain’t Hip Hop!

My condolences go out to those affected by the Route 91 Harvest Festival shooting in Las Vegas, NV. I was actually on vacation in August at the Mandalay Bay hotel on the 32nd floor. There was a clear view to the concert venue and it is very disheartening to even think that the gunman, Stephen Paddock, stayed in the very room where I slept and inflicted chaos upon the concert goers. Every mass shooting is sensationalized as the “deadliest mass shooting” in this country’s history so be on the lookout for crisis actors and Trump possibly cancelling his trip to the recently devastated island of Puerto Rico to visit Las Vegas. All I know is, I’m glad it ain’t Hip Hop! I’m glad that this shooting incident doesn’t involve anyone in the Rap community. Hip Hop and Las Vegas don’t have a great relationship and if there isn’t enough money to be made the city won’t risk it. That’s why a lot of the p*ss poor performances won’t be seen in Sin City. Only the likes of a Kendrick Lamar, Nas, or a Jay Z can get the red carpet rolled out for them. Future and Migos might do some shows because they are the top Trap artists right now but the rest of you all ain’t getting to Vegas.

The Route 91 Festival is a country music concert and Stephen Sheppard was an older white man. This has nothing to do with Rap music. They can’t say the Shepard was listening to Chief Keef before commencing fire. The media can’t say he was a concert goer at the iHeart Radio Music Festival which features Rap performers. I don’t see where Hip Hop could tie in to this incident. White on white crime is a problem. (Sarcasm for you over analysts) I’m glad that the Young Dolph shooting didn’t escalate. I’m glad that Troy Ave isn’t involved. I’m glad that no associates of a Rap artist are involved. Hip Hop is getting a break from the news cycle but this could easily happen at any Rap concert. Let’s not act like we have the safest concert experiences. Some people probably want to bring their legal firearm to a concert but are unable to. In this case there isn’t anything anyone with a legal firearm could do since the shooter was firing from a distant location.

If this were a Rap concert how do you think the media would have responded? Do you think Donald Trump would have called the shooting “an act of pure evil?” Hip Hop catches flack for things that aren’t Hip Hop or Rap based. Hip Hop is the scapegoat for a lot of issues that mainstream America doesn’t want to take responsibility for like homegrown terrorism. It is possible that Stephen Paddock was fed up with the direction of this country and thought that taking his anger out on those that may have voted for him. It is highly likely that country music listeners vote Republican. I’m using the same reasoning they use to assume that most Rap listeners vote Democrat. I’m glad that the festival circuit is just about over because a lot of shows could have been cancelled or postponed because of this deadly shooting. Venues will start triple checking overhead and nearby high rises for anyone or any thing that may cause harm to concert goers. I just want everybody to be safe and stay on your square, even at a concert.

“I write this alone in Vegas.” –Pusha T (Alone in Vegas)

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