Good Friday

Good Friday is a Christian holiday commemorating the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and the redemption of all people. I’m not going to preach a sermon but, we are going to walk down that road. Some people believe that Jesus Christ died on the cross for the sins of all people. Sacrificing himself for the greater good of humanity. Rappers sacrifice themselves every day to give us entertaining content. This could be music, movies, shows, and social media activity. They sacrifice a part of themselves and give it us directly. Unlike Christ’s grace and mercy we don’t have to wait until death to receive our blessing of eternal life. We are blessed with the content they give us while we are still living and able to appreciate it. There is no nationally recognized Hip Hop Holiday, we commemorate certain birthdays, album releases, and recognize pivotal moments that occurred within the culture. Yet, with all of what we know we still fall short of the glory that is Hip Hop Culture. We continue to “sin” by supporting subpar music, giving attention to stupid comments and remarks, and engaging with mainstream media when they get the story wrong.

Only we can redeem ourselves by living in a way that would please the Godfathers of the culture. We have to respect it and be mindful of who these artists portray themselves to be within the culture. From Vanilla Ice and Snow to Kodak Black and Tekashi69, the devil has always presented himself as a snake in the grass. Would you recognize d’evils? The real question is, what would you do? We keep letting Kodak Black get away and Tekashi69 is slated to make a comeback later this year once he is released. I get it, not every Rapper will be a Nipsey Hussle but, at what cost to the culture will we continue to worship those who cannot deliver us? They can’t grow the culture and take it new heights with “a vibe”

What made them famous will ultimately be their downfall. Christians believe that Jesus’ downfall was being the son of God and preaching his word. Although, they may not refer to it as a downfall his power to heal the sick, give sight to the blind, and perform miracles is what made people jealous which in turn became his downfall. Christians believe that three days after Jesus died on the cross he rose up into heaven to be with the Father, God. So this weekend reevaluate what you incorporate into your lifestyle sonically. What you internalize will eventually become your reality. Listening to gangster music may turn you into a gangster. Listening to conscious music may wake you up. So what do you think worshipping the wrong entity will get you? How will that effect the culture in the next ten years?

“I keep a plant in my car, like Good Friday.” – Evidence (It Wasn’t Me)

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