Gross Misconduct

Hip Hop has a long history of corporations committing gross misconduct against the culture, better known as cultural appropriation. Rapper 2 Milly, who we all know as the creator of the Milly Rock, is suing Epic Games, Inc. for using the dance he created in their über popular video game, Fortnite. The game itself is free but the in-game purchases is where the company makes their bread and butter. Blocboy JB called out the same gaming company for using his dance without permission and not giving him at least a part of the millions they’ve made off the in-game purchases of the shoot dance. The gross is what’s owed to both Rappers and at this point if we stopped playing the game what do you think will happen? We love to dance so I guess we just wait for the next guy with the latest moves. Celebrities do a lot to get our attention and we give it to them without question.

Whether good or bad everything a celebrity does is to sell a product. Music, clothes, and shoes are among the top-selling products for most rappers. Since digital platforms became popular in the early 2000s artists have not been able to sustain their income by only releasing music. Artists had to start touring, doing shoe collaborations, modeling, or selling themselves in some form or fashion to their fans to keep up their lifestyle. Anything an artist does will garner enough attention for the artist to make even a few dollars off of their music without having to do too much of anything. Getting married, announcing a pregnancy, getting divorced, or cheating on a spouse doesn’t necessarily result in “bad publicity” if the fans will forgive any gross misconduct as long as the music is good.

We experienced this type of gross misconduct with Kanye West which has since died down. Cardi B and Offset are no longer in a relationship but the internet has people speculating that the couple are pump-faking for the release of Offset’s upcoming album. Of course I don’t know Belcalis or Kiari personally but I hope they wouldn’t do anything of the sort. I know they have had some gross misconduct during their careers but the breakup seems organic and we were going to get Offset’s solo project regardless. There are other rappers who created a career off of gross misconduct. Tekashi69 allegedly refused to take a plea deal after his antics landed him in the custody of the law. There are so many ways to manipulate the narrative but when it becomes egregious let’s refer to it as gross misconduct. Gross misconduct can get regular folks like me and you fired from our jobs but isn’t Rapping a job? Criminal activity, abusing drugs or alcohol while on the job, stealing, and sexual harassment are all various forms of misconduct that some Rappers commit on a daily basis, it’s just too bad there is no human resources in the music industry.

“Before we chop off your hands for worker’s misconduct.” – Pumpkinhead (Peruvian Cocaine)

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