Guess Who’s Bizzack!

As we continue to mourn the loss of our Hip Hop Brother, Nipsey Hussle I think we need to look at our own hearts, minds, and spirits to figure out whether or not we as individuals are fulfilling our own purpose. Nipsey’s mother spoke about Nipsey urging one of his teachers to test him for the gifted program at school. Watch Nipsey’s old interviews from years ago and you’ll find out just how far ahead of his time he really was. Nipsey was never big on jewelry although, he had his staple pieces he invested most of his money in his people and his community. A man with heritage from one of if not the oldest civilization in the world who gave back to his community by feeding the hungry, curing the sick, and giving sight to the blind proverbially has been here before. Uplifting, teaching about unity, teaching about real estate, and teaching about business is a rare quality for a rapper let alone a former gang-banger would possess. To be killed at the young age of 33 by someone he knew is a story we’ve heard before whether we want to believe it or not. Not everyone today believes in Jesus either, so to believe that Nipsey was Jesus reincarnated is not going to motivate people to convert to Husslam or Nipsianity immediately.

However, if Jesus did walk this earth today where would he be? Not in Beverly Hills, not in The Hamptons, and definitely not at Trump Towers. Jesus would be where the sinners and the poor people are. The underprivileged, the prostitutes, the needy, and the proverbial lepers of today live in the hood. You’ve seen the shirts that say “Jesus is my homeboy”. Is Jesus your homeboy? How would you know? Why wouldn’t he be? You could be Jesus yourself if you lived in your purpose. Nipsey knew why he was here and he fulfilled his purpose and we are to learn and use his life as a lesson to treat each other with love, respect, and dignity. Are you investing in your community? You don’t have to invest money but, your time is priceless! If today was our last day on Earth would you have to change your life in the last hours or would you be content with what you’ve contributed to this world?

Nipsey and Jesus would want us to be more Godly and follow in their footsteps. Even if you practice another religion or are an atheist you don’t need a book or a deity to know that you need to be nice to everyone you encounter, do not judge, and do not look down on others. Be honest, be yourself, and be righteous. Support your friend’s business, help an elderly woman, or discourage a young person from doing something wrong. Jesus was not a rich but, look at the impact a poor African had on the world over hundreds of years. Jesus is the most popular martyr in the world. Bob Marley is on that list, Tupac Shakur is on that list, and Nipsey Hussle will soon be on that same list. Jesus didn’t have a hit song and he didn’t rap but the Bible is one of the bestselling book of all time. Nispey owned all of his own music and through that his words will live on forever.

“Nail stabs a hand of the Nasirine. I carried the cross to help you afford that plasma screen.” – Nas (Nazareth Savage)

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