Next week is Halloween in North America. This is when we let our kids wear costumes and eat all the candy they want while trying not to have their bag snatched. I know I could’ve saved this piece for next week but that will be reserved for Hip Hop History Month (yes, this is your reminder). This will be the first Halloween under Trump’s presidency. There will be a lot of polarizing costumes to say the least. There will be Trump costumes just like there were Obama costumes with the Trump costumes being slightly less racist. Hip Hop Culture rarely participates in this “holiday” outside of Horrorcore. Redman, Eminem, and other emcees have always had a dark side but nothing to alienate their fans. Horrocore is a subgenre of Hip Hop that is has a consistent theme, horror. Horrorcore has been around for decades while people go back and forth about why we shouldn’t have subgenres within Hip Hop Culture.

We need a lane for the Lecraes and the Chances to thrive and I’m sure their fan bases would also grow. Fans who are looking for emcees like Logic, Russ, or even still The Cool Kids need the proverbial box so they know what to look for. Some people need it spelled out in order for them to get with it. Horrorcore has a pass from the culture I guess because it’s not mainstream? Instead of making young rappers feel like they have to do something outlandish for attention they should be allowed to drive in a lane specifically for likeminded rappers. Nothing is wrong with Lil Uzi but when the skirts and the tight jeans stop working for a Young Thug what happens then? Acid rap could actually sounds like a subgenre for drug abusers even if they don’t use the drugs they rap about.

Be it Trap, Horrorcore, Conscious, or Boom-Bap it’s all Rap which is simply an element of Hip Hop Culture. Horrorcore obviously has a following or it wouldn’t have lasted all these years flying under the radar. Let’s set some Hip Hop Halloween guidelines. Hallow refers to a saint or a holy person. This Hallow-een how about you play some BDP for the trick-or-treaters. We should be honoring our Hip Hop saints like Rakim and Big Daddy Kane. Don’t have your daughter dress up as Nicki Minaj…that’s an adult costume. Laugh with your kids as you listen to DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince’s A Nightmare on My Street. Think about it, if we recognized Horrorcore and other subgenres of Hip Hop those artists could be credited for the work they put in. Everyone can’t do what the Horrorcore rappers can do just like everybody can’t do Boom-bap but the generation gap and these labels has the young rappers thinking they’re already hallowed out!

“Biggie and Pac, they behind me as my ghosts.” –Kendrick Lamar (K104 Halloween Freestyle)

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