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Since Gucci Mane’s release from prison we’ve seen a completely different person from what the public is used to. Healthy living was a trend in Hip Hop Culture that never really died down. With the influence of Islam in Hip Hop a healthy mind state has always been a part of the culture. Today’s society and its need for convenience have reached the food industry and the results are processed foods that cause debilitating diseases such as diabetes and hypertension. Coupled with the fast paced lifestyle of a Rapper or any entertainer for that matter healthy living isn’t always on everyone’s to-do list. It was Nelly who first began working out and taking care of his physical health subsequently becoming eye candy for lady listeners of Rap music. It’s no secret that men garner the attention of women and if being physically fit could bring more women than some Rappers were all about it. Melle Mel is probably the first emcee to be noticeably fit within the realms of Hip Hop Culture.

Now it seems everyone is trying to live a healthier lifestyle. The LOX have Juices For Life in New York, Missy Elliott quit smoking years ago, and now Gucci Mane is next up for healthy living. Guwop was recently released from prison actually looking healthy. What was most noticeable was that his signature pregnancy flab was non-existent. After so much speculation and assumption Gucci Mane discussed his new healthy lifestyle with Complex, Revolt, and Fader respectively. In all of the interviews Gucci Mane describes how he had never been sober at any performances, recordings, or any meetings related to the business. Gucci explains that he was always high and/or drunk because he thought he had to be because of the lifestyle he was trying to convey. Pressure. I myself could not imagine not having any time in the day for a clear thought to process. Once in prison Gucci used that time to really detox his mind, heart, soul, spirit, emotions, and body. Although jail or prison is not ideal for those who are addicted to drugs and/or alcohol Gucci made productive use of his time and reflected on his state of mind.

Hopefully, others will follow suit and decide to quit smoking and drinking or at least slowdown on their consumption of drugs and alcohol. Even Snoop Dogg isn’t always high as he describes not smoking or partaking in marijuana use in the presence of his son, Cordell, who plays football at UCLA. Rick Ross has had numerous health scares over the past few years and his “Ross-fit” has done wonders for the Carol City Rapper. They say Hip Hop is a young man’s game but how does the culture maintain itself if everyone is on drugs and drinking 24/7? Gucci Mane BKA Radric Davis is only 36 versus young Rappers like the Migos who are in their early twenties that are all about the turn up which includes promiscuous sex, doing drugs, abusing alcohol, and whatever else that fits into the ideal party life. It is only when a person becomes older and wiser that they make decisions to change their lifestyle and in a lot of cases a major life event has to happen in order to warrant such a drastic decision to change. For Gucci Mane it was prison and for others it may be the death of a loved one. Healthy living is not a trend and requires everyone in your circle to make sacrifices and changes so let’s not wait until another Rapper has seizures on a plane to make the necessary changes in our own lives.


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