Hip Hop Double Standards

As Women’s History Month continues on this Nicki Minaj v Remy Ma battle is just what the culture needs in the month of March. The back and forth that are being had in Rap circles is good for the culture but he double standards are just that, standard. Hip Hop/Rap music is male driven just like most of our society, this country, and the world over. The battle between the Bronx emcee and the Queens Rapper has been compared to Drake v Meek, MC Shan v KRS-One, LL and Canibus, and even Nas and Jay but the battle is being judged differently simply because they’re women. Nobody accused Canibus of not writing his battle bars against LL and depending on what circle you’re in you might hear several excuses as to why Nicki Minaj doesn’t have to respond! Now I don’t know about you all but there is no “not responding” in the Rap game. If you heard your name being slandered at your workplace by a coworker you’re going to take some type of action; you’re not just being quiet whilst continuing to go to work every day.

I agree that Remy Ma’s follow up diss Another One was not as good as ShETHER but the Nicki response that we waiting too long for is not a diss record but a song with diss bars. Nicki’s song, No Frauds, is not going to play like Back to Back but ShETHER will. Ms. Minaj let me remind you and the barbs that people do lie on diss tracks. Do you or any of your fans watch battle rap? KOTD? URL? QOTD? It’s not that Nicki doesn’t want it with Remy bar-for-bar and I don’t think she’s too pop to respond. I just think that Nicki’s skills have debilitated over time. On Jay Z’s Blueprint album there’s a hidden track at the end titled Breath Easy (Lyrical Exercise) and it is clear that Nicki has put her lyrical exercises on the backburner for those singing lessons that still haven’t paid off. Just because Jay and Nas took months to respond to each other in 2001 does not mean that Nicki Minaj can get away with the same thing in 2017. Nas’ Ether “diss” won him that battle over Jay’s Takeover “song”.

You cannot choose which battle rules to abide by. You can’t bring a knife to a gun fight. Meek Mill took too long to respond to Drake and Nicki is holding the same L as her ex-boo. Are those songs she dropped even hits? Men and women have never been held to the same standard and men are the ones who drive the culture. What men are in the circle of these women whispering in their ear? What are they saying? There are “yes men” in the industry and I’m sure Nicki has plenty of them in her circle. Every woman in the Rap game has always been attached to another male group, male executive, or male Rapper. Nicki is associated with Lil Wayne, Remy Ma is associated with Big Pun and Fat Joe, Snow da Product is associated with King Los, and MC Lyte was associated with Audio Two. A man doesn’t make the woman but a woman makes the man. Men love when the woman that they are associated with are on top of their game. It gives them pride and boosts their ego. Women can dominate this industry but the gatekeepers only allow a select few to shine. The fact that “you heard of Amber Cole, but you don’t know that nigga that was getting dome” is the double standard.

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