The Hip Hop Equinox

An equinox is an occurrence that happens twice a year where the sun crosses the equator making day and night last for an equal amount of time. In Hip Hop an equinox happens only once a year and it occurs in the Spring and lasts until the end of the Summer where artists make music that is fun, lighthearted, and fresh due to the more relaxed nature of the consumer. Yes, I made that part up about the Hip Hop equinox but isn’t that what usually happens when the weather starts to warm up? I mean we get great soundtracks for Spring Breaks, Memorial Day weekend, Juneteenth (in some places), and Fourth of July. Good music makes for a great Spring and Summer. That’s when you can ride with your windows down so people at the intersection can hear your music. The motorcyclist start to ride and women pull out their Summer gear. This is when Hip Hop/Rap music is thriving. There are major artist who like to wait until the fourth quarter (September-December) but nothing stays in your memory like a song tied to a memorable moment. I remember hearing BedRock by Young Money when I was in Miami constantly and now I associate that trip with that song.

The warm weather brings people outside and increases our socialization. More parties, more laughing, and more music! Every year consumers want a “Summer soundtrack,” something they can vibe to, learn from, and comprehend with ease. We don’t want anything heavy while we’re out in the sun doing our thing. This is the time to make some dope Hip Hop memories. Whether you’re at a festival, a concert, or at home you can take the culture with you wherever you go. During the Hip Hop equinox people are up all day and there’s nothing better than a warm summer night. Hip Hop doesn’t stop just because the sun goes down, in fact some might say that’s when things are just getting started. The irony in this piece lies in that in a lot of places it snowed on the first day of the Spring equinox so it might not feel like spring just yet.

Usually artists will be a bit more “free” to experiment and some give us some dope bars. With the lyrical renaissance (hint for next week’s piece) that is going on I think this Hip Hop equinox will bring us projects and collaborations like we’ve never seen before. I’m being hopeful but I don’t want any more rainbow-haired “rappers” getting shine because DJ Akademiks reported on how they got beat up in a club in some obscure city in North America. The Hip Hop equinox is for both party rhymes and lyrical miracles and this is the time for us to enjoy both sides. Blast some Dave East at the intersection or some De La Soul we don’t’ know whose listening and watching. The song you take for granted might become a memorable moment for someone else.

“Sun gon’ shine in, equinox rhyming.” – Bizzy Bone (Rebirth)

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