Hip Hop Hypnosis

The NBA trade deadline has every team that can afford it in a frenzy. We don’t always discuss sports but we will today! Kevin Durant has decided to leave Oklahoma City and go to Oakland to play with Stephen Curry. I personally hoped he’d go to Boston but those were my hoop dreams. Along with the rest of the sports world I waited for Durant to announce his decision if any but I had forgotten all about the Lil B Based God curse! I’m not into magic and even after visiting New Orleans and seeing how seriously the locals take voodoo I’m still not convinced but as a person in the field of behavioral and mental health I don’t believe it isn’t too hard to play mind games on some people. Not everyone is susceptible to hypnosis but others may be because they aren’t as open to “suggestions”. Suggestions are on television all day telling you what products to buy, how to dress, how to think, and so on. Music can also be suggestive and there can be hidden messages in any song even if the artist didn’t intend for it to suggest any particular topic.

In this case I think it’s safe to say that Kevin Durant definitely let Lil B and the Based God curse get to him and the Twitterverse along with Instagram memes doesn’t make it any better. The words of an Emcee or a Rapper hold a lot of weight inside and outside of Hip Hop Culture. Rap music and sports have a long and deep running relationship and after the appearance of Allen Iverson the game was never the same. According to Lil B as of the time of this blog the curse on Kevin Durant has been lifted so what effect will this have on Kevin Durant and his play? D’Angelo Russell is now plagued with curse from the Based God also but some might say he had it coming. Will the curse have the same effect on Russell the same way it did on Durant or will it have any effect at all? Everything will unfold next season but will we automatically attribute his play to the curse or Durant and Russell’s abilities on the court?

Rappers can use their voice for anything they choose including cursing an athlete for making disparaging remarks about your music. Lil B probably has more fans and followers simply because of the Based God curses and the weight it holds in the minds of a lot of people. Those are the people who I mentioned earlier that probably are more open to suggestions and easily hypnotized. There are a lot of Rappers who put out music consistently and still don’t have as much influence as Lil B. If a Rapper can say something as easily as “you’re cursed” then they could easily say something positive and have it come true. Is that realistic? I wonder how many fans and followers he would have then. That isn’t a hit at Lil B but those people who are easily influenced. Why you would only follow or be a fan of someone to be negative or pessimistic is beyond me. Maybe if we could just hypnotize the Rappers and get them to change their message a little b.


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