Hip Hop in the Fourth Quarter

The news broke within the past week about Lil Wayne not being able to release his album ‘The Carter V’ this year after months of ‘anticipation’. I’m not going to lie what I’ve been hearing from Wayne lately is better than what he was doing when he was deep into the lean and skateboarding. I’ve been watching and listening to Wayne from the beginning and this recent stuff is definitely an improvement. It’s not a surprise that the album was supposed to drop in the fourth quarter because that’s how it goes in Hip Hop. Let’s release the good stuff at the end of the year! Just like with movies, summer is when you’ll probably get that blockbuster. If you didn’t know the industry is divided into four quarters (3 month periods) and if you don’t drop one by a certain time than you are not up for a Grammy until that following year; which would be 2016 at this point. Maybe Baby ‘Birdman’ thinks the album could be better? No, we all know what goes on at Cash Money Records and nothing has changed. They’re still giving out those killer contracts. I guess Wayne never thought his ‘dad’ would betray him but money makes a lot of people do strange things.

But enough of that let’s focus. Even though album sales have been down executives and Rappers still wait to release music in the fourth quarter. Some people have already said that 2014 was the worse year in Hip Hop. Was it? Or are you just making poor music choices? I agree that the bad rap has gotten worse with Rich Homie Quan’s ‘Blah Blah Blah’ still pushing the limits. We’re still in the fourth quarter folks and the heat is coming! I’m not a fan of Iggy Azalea but her label thought of her enough to drop her debut in the fourth quarter now she’s winning American Music Awards, which is a set up to give her THE Grammy and I mean the top award not just best new artist. The Grammy’s is a whole other monster though. Of course you’ve got real heavy hitters like Rick Ross and Nicki Minaj that are going to release their albums in the fourth quarter. I’m not big on lifestyle rap but both albums are going to sell regardless. Even the names that were supposed to drop in the fourth quarter makes you eager to hear a single. Kanye, Kendrick, G-Unit, Wale, and Yelawolf with some Waka Flocka on the side.

If you want to hear real MCs nominated for academy awards you have to support them. How can you expect the ones that’s real in the field to gain any notoriety if we’re not buying albums? I’ve been hearing the name Hoodie Allen for a while now but did you know he dropped an album in the fourth quarter? Side note: It takes a lot for me to listen to a new artist because I have to feel like it’s worth my time to listen. I don’t want to be tricked by a couple of okay singles. You’ve got MCs who are legends in the game dropping albums in this year’s fourth quarter. Now tell me if I’m wrong but Wu-Tang, J. Cole, Ghostface Killah, and Prhyme probably have some of the best lyrics for the entire 2014 in Rap music. T.I., Big KRIT, and the Shady fam are all lyrically consistent. Bars baby, it’s all about the bars. El-P and Killer Mike have been killing the game as Run The Jewels and RTJ2 is a fourth quarter beast! Some of these albums dropped with little buzz or media coverage but the culture knows when there’s good music. NehruvianDOOM and Logic dropped albums in the fourth quarter and of you haven’t heard of NehruvianDOOM that’s a problem. DOOM!? Come on son.

You’ve got other people waiting in the wings for Jay Electronica! I know I am. To say that 2014 was the worse year in Hip Hop is unfair when you’ve got all types of good Hip Hop being released. Even M.O.P. released in EP this year. This is only a three month window of time so I wonder what real MCs were overlooked again this year. Yes, there was a lot going on with the deaths of Mike Brown and Eric Garner but if some artists spoke more about social issues maybe they could’ve capitalized off that. Sounds a little immoral but some artists do a lot more than that while your kids are watching. I’d rather you push your socially conscious album during times of unrest than to push that ignorant nonsense at all. This is not basketball where you can be down ten and out do the competition in the fourth quarter. If there was quality Hip Hop year-round instead of just the fourth quarter Hip Hop could be in a better place.

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