Hip Hop Punditry

News is a twenty-four hour a day stream of information that is deemed as noteworthy by whoever owns the news corporation. News can be derived from across the globe and pundits are the news anchors, personalities, and sometimes journalists that report the news to us directly. Fake news was not always the standard in journalism and with the advent of social media anyone can become a news pundit. Cardi B is known for her social media presence, so as an Afro-Latina she obviously has opinions on immigration and where else would she go to voice her opinion…social media. After we praised Cardi for not being afraid to voice her opinion conservative political pundits that shall remain nameless want to piggyback off of that moment in time and garner some attention. Look, Hip Hop has the “Midas touch” right now.

Anything linked to Hip Hop Culture or Rap Music will literally turn to gold. You could get your gold in the form of a plaque, ratings, or jewelry and you know who is ready to melt down the golden calf. Stephen Colbert started a petition to have Cardi B give the State of the Union rebuttal. If you didn’t know about Mr. Colbert he playfully ran for public office in his home state of North Carolina and started a Super PAC in 2011 as a joke for his previous television show. Yes, everyone loves Cardi B but everyone loves money more. I’m not against Rappers and other cultural contributors going on major news outlets and speaking out in regards to politics, social issues, economic crisis, physical/mental health concerns and so on however; Rappers and contributors have to be on alert for news outlets using them for ratings. Just because someone gets invited on a show for an interview or guest that doesn’t mean they’re going to focus on the topics you want them to focus on.

There have been numerous instances of Rappers or contributors going in for an interview thinking they’ll be asked about ABC and when they get there all the host talks about is HIJ. A young Rapper with no artist development training probably won’t be prepared. Then the result usually has the young Rapper bashing legendary artists that came before them and the culture erupts. This is where MTV News, VH1 News, BET News, and whoever else news come in and lend their platform to ensure that the appropriate discussions are being had. Don’t get me wrong there are some news outlets with people who look like us at the helm that are money hungry too. Rap Music/Hip Hop Culture is not to be manipulated or used for ratings purposes during this presidential election cycle. Punditry sounds eerily similar to puppetry, who’s your master?

“The tale of his life is the tale of a writer of incredible vision. An astute analyst and pundit.” – (Jay Electronica (Exhibit A, Transitions)

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