Hip Hop Savior

I don’t know where to start Hip Hop Heads! I don’t get into detail, I only provide an objective perspective. Kanye West and Meek Mill are at the forefront today. Hip Hop has been saving lives for over forty years. The culture and the genre has allowed me, you, and them to make a way out of no way. Whether you’re selling t-shirts or utilizing Rap music in your classroom lesson plans you have honed in on what the culture can do for you. Both rappers have used Hip Hop/Rap music to make it out of their “could be better” circumstances. However; the music, the clothes, the sneakers, nor the culture can truly save you from yourself. Kanye West has been tweeting up a firestorm and everyone has been watching with salivating mouths. Initially it was cool, Ye was tweeting some life lessons for those who needed it. Inspiring those who needed it and in turn gaining everyone’s attention. Meek Mill is one of hundreds of thousands of Black men and Black women who fall victim to the system for something stupid they did as teenagers and young adults. We’re capping for Meek hard as ever but we won’t go see our own family downtown.

Hypocrisy, irony, conundrum, whatever you want to call it the culture nor the music can save you. Kanye is trying so hard to be “the man” that he’s alienating himself and with some of the things he’s doing and saying he’s not going to be able to come back. Once the Kards are done with him there won’t be anything for him to come crawling back to if he doesn’t shape up. I work in mental health so his behavior isn’t because he’s “crazy.” Meek Mill and his legal team probably thought that Meek’s celebrity would get him out of a lot of his legal woes especially after they saw that educated Black woman presiding over his case. But guess what, Hip Hop/Rap music didn’t save him. He still struggled to prove his innocence and barely made it out! They had to prove how the system was corrupt even after all the celebrities showing their support and the governor of Pennsylvania had to weigh in.

Let me tell you all something. Everything is for publicity! Everything! The state of Pennsylvania has an election coming up and even though the current governor has reached his term limit you don’t think that Meek fans will vote for whomever he endorses?  The Philadelphia Eagles just won their first championship and the 76ers are currently in the playoffs correct? Sounds like they’ll invite Meek to every game just so we can watch him on the sidelines at home. Kanye has Fox News and every white man in North America on his side right now. They are going to open up all kinds of doors for him to coon, sell out, and dance a jig for their friends. The thing is that they’re both being used to push an agenda. We know the justice system in Pennsylvania won’t be changing anytime soon and racism isn’t going anywhere Kanye. So don’t look for Rap music to save you unless you’re going to be true to the culture and even then Hip Hop is not your savior.

“But in the end, it’s still so lonely.” – Kanye West (Heartless)

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