Hip Hop v Trump Pt.1

CNN’s Van Jones kicked off his new series, “The Van Jones Show” aired over the weekend. The show’s first guest was Shawn “Jay Z” Carter. In the interview the two discussed life as well as politics and that included a conversation about Donald Trump. As we all know Donald Trump will speak out against the Black rappers and ignore the white ones even when mentioned by name. Donald Trump responded via Twitter to Jay’s comments on the news cast on Sunday morning bragging about the status of Black unemployment that is actually a result of the things that President Obama put into place. It takes years to see significant change in unemployment rates across the country. Anyway, the fact that Trump felt compelled to tweet out against Jay Z’s words speaks to the power of the culture and how the words of those that represent us can make a powerful impact across the country and the world.

Trump’s entire goal during his presidency is to undermine, reverse, and undo every policy, sanction, and law that he and his administration passed. Jay Z was and still is friends with former President Obama and most people would consider Jay the “President” of the culture. Once he went after Snoop Dogg going after Hov was a no brainer. (Pun intended) Jay represents the people Trump’s trying to oppress with his new policies and laws to benefit he and his constituents. Trump wants to be Sean Corey Carter. Trump wishes he was as liked and adored as Hov. Trump wants to be talked about in the same regard as Jay. Both Trump and Jay Z have been known to speak in third person. This isn’t the first and it won’t be the last time that Trump speaks directly to the culture; that’s why this is “part 1”. Our responses will be key. We can ignore him, meme him to death, we can continue to move our dollars back into our own communities, and be even more active in politics. Since impeachment isn’t definite right now we need to be prepared and we need to prepare our communities for the economic fails that are looming over this country.

So far Hip Hop is 2:0 against Donald Trump and as we blast YG’s FDT let’s not forget that we are the only ones who can keep our young people safe. Only though education can we prepare the next generation to take over and to pick up where we left off. We can’t respond to everything that Trump says and that’s why we have people like Jay Z who we know will use his words like a true emcee and respond accordingly; with grace, tact, and class. That’s why it’s sometimes hard to see the new young rappers because calling yourself a rapper means you’re representing the culture and we can’t just you out here looking any old kind of way saying whatever off the cuff comments you can think of. Trump can’t win a battle against the creators of the dozens so he can tweet all he wants about Snoop Dogg, Jay Z, and whoever else but best believe we are smart and aware enough to know when he’s lying, hiding things, and just simply being stupid. So while you’re trying to paint us in a negative light we’re enlightening our young people to be less dependent on this country’s broken systems.

“Donald Trump is a chump” – Kendrick Lamar (The Heart Part 4)

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