Hip Hop Violence in 2016

Not much has changed since 2015, just the players in the game. I don’t want to go into what’s going on between Meek Mill, Sean Kingston, and The Game but I’m going to summarize really quick just to drive my point home. Allegedly The Game’s people stole Sean Kingston’s jewelry back in May or June. We know this because Sean Kingston’s mom asked Game in a public Instagram post to return said jewelry. Now, apparently Meek Mill told Sean Kingston that it was in fact Game and his crew that did the dirt. Somehow Game found out (I wonder who told that bit of tea) and has been going at Meek for days now. We all know that Game has gang ties and although Meek isn’t a gang member he isn’t too far from the streets himself. The two going back and forth on Instagram with the memes, photo shopped photos, and wild allegations are funny but with these two this has the potential to bubble over.

Just last year Lil Wayne’s tour bus was shot at and now you have peoples’ personal vehicles getting shot at while at the valet. In both instances neither “target” was inside but what happens when keeping it real goes wrong? Biggie was murdered in retaliation to the death of Tupac Shakur. So if Game is murdered who do you think is going to be put under the microscope? The guy that just got out of jail and is currently on probation B.K.A. Meek Mill, that’s who. Meek may have deleted his Instagram posts but I’m sure the Pennsylvania DA’s office has screenshots of all of his deleted posts. This is not going anywhere. Game and Meek clearly didn’t read my post on Historic Recurrence. When egos mix with street life it can get real really quick and I mean Game and Meek Mill hasn’t been in the Rap game as long as Lil Wayne but if they both met there maker in 2016 what would be left?

Hip Hop has had its share of senseless death and instead of beefing now is the time when we should be uniting. When people scream #BlackLivesMatter they can’t pick and choose which Black lives matter because they all should matter to all of us. These two young Black men could be building and bringing young Rap fans together. These two young men are two of the few who don’t succumb to the pressures of doing what’s hot. These two young men don’t wear skinny jeans and don’t recite mumble Raps with auto tune. These two young men are our last line of defense against this emasculated Rapper image. A lot of violence in Hip Hop is fabricated, manufactured, or overdramatized but this situation has a different type of energy. Even the situation involving Lil Wayne last year has a different type of energy. I don’t know how this will end but I do know that these two need to sit down with either Farrakhan or Noreaga. “That’s a fact, that’s a fact.” *Noreaga voice*

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