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Hip Hop Violence in 2017?

Sorry for the wait, I’ve been working too hard this week. Now! I know I always say “I wasn’t going to write about this” but I definitely didn’t plan to write about Chris Brown and I definitely never thought I’d be writing about Souljah Boy. This post isn’t really to focus on either artist whom neither are from the west coast let alone Compton, California. But to focus on the serious violence that could have happened between the two and their entourages or their official gang security. If you’re one of those who believe that Souljah Boy and Chris Brown actually put in work to earn their gang affiliation or status, don’t be so naïve. So many celebrities and other none famous people with a lot of cake pay for their protection or simply the right to exist in certain cities. A lot of them change sets because things get to deep but in that line of business all you can do is fall deeper into the rabbit hole. Promoting this type of violence in 2017 after only being a few days in to the New Year is ridiculous and lame.

Two people who are celebrity gangstas trying to pull each other’s card is lame and weak. That’s how people get killed. All the real soldiers need is the go ahead and it could be a done deal. Hood politics don’t stop just because you’re a “personality” or a big name if anything you’re being robbed without a jack-move. Giving up your money to someone willingly only so they don’t take it from you? That’s super wack but I understand that it can be scary and maybe they were robbed in the past and are just paying for an insurance policy. However, when you live in the same rich neighborhood as the person you’re arguing with via social media that only magnifies how ignorant, petty, and childish both sides really are. Whether you think Chris Brown would beat Souljah Boy in a one-on-one is irrelevant. Don’t entertain Souljah Boy and his antics as he tries to find a new avenue for revenue. Chris Brown was an easy target that he knew would eventually come down to his level of immaturity.

This is the third year that I’ve had to write about the violence in Rap music because it effects Hip Hop Culture as a lot of people consider the terms to be synonymous. But what do I know; people call Chris Brown a Rapper. It is too early in the year for these shenanigans when we have an overt Klansman preparing to lead our country for the next four years. This isn’t the same as it was in 2016 or 2015 when more serious instances were going down. Sometimes being a part of a gang doesn’t provide you the respect you think it should no matter how big of a celebrity you are. Snoop Dogg can’t even go to his homie’s funeral without being tried. When people are loyal to their friends or their set they’ll do anything and ride out for them. But it’s not like that for every “gangster celeb” because to simply put it, these hoes ain’t loyal.

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