Hip Hop Violence in 2018

This is going to be quick and painless. I know I say that often and end up writing just as much as I normally do. Now I know you all have seen the video of “rapper” Tekashi69 and friends getting beat down at LAX. Crazy right? My question is when did being a Rapper become a joke? Young rappers have been getting assaulted, punked, and jumped over the last year or so. Every year we discuss the violence allegedly plaguing the culture but I mean these guys can’t even stand up for themselves and their manhood. You can’t be so busy making empty threats and pretending to be an OG that you forget your actions have consequences. When you’re new in this game you don’t how far someone’s reach goes. There are certain people that you simply can’t disrespect because that is one thing that didn’t die out when the new school arrived.

You’re already a target with your Skittles colored hair. You want people to take you serious but you’re walking around looking like a “buster!” The crazy thing is that he’ll get supporters and get doors opened to him that someone like a Nick Grant isn’t getting right now. All because they want to attach themselves to the attention he’s getting. Whether it’s posting a photo on Instagram for likes or setting up meetings with people they know they don’t want to sign he shouldn’t be getting any meetings with anybody based off of his behavior. An artist will show you that they aren’t ready by how they act. A lot of the younger artists are immature simply because they’re young and haven’t experienced a lot. I know that Rappers in the nineties were young and immature also but they weren’t doing outlandish things to promote their music. They didn’t risk their lives over a single, an EP, a LP, or an album. It was never that serious, especially when you’re getting money.

We’ve seen the end of this story and when egos and pride come into play you can’t stop the streets. Tekashi isn’t the only one but he is doing the most. This is not about his music; this is about his behavior and how we condone it but soon as someone is killed we want to point fingers. He’s doin gall of this in order to get a record deal but why does he think he needs to act out instead of just putting out good music? Obviously he feels like it has worked for others and it’s easier to gain friends as a court jester than it is to actually put in the work of a warrior. If you wouldn’t listen to them in a classroom they clearly don’t have any knowledge or wisdom to share.

“Gun totin’ smoke, we ain’t no motherfuckin’ joke.” –E.D.I. Mean (Hit ‘Em Up)

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