Hip Hop’s Social Responsibility

T.I. and Floyd Mayweather are two Black men in two different career fields. We know that Mr. Harris has always displayed a level of intelligence that isn’t always linked with someone in his chosen field. Floyd Mayweather on the other hand works in a career field where intelligence seems to vary from boxer to boxer. From Muhammed Ali to Floyd Mayweather are two people on the opposite ends of the spectrum. Floyd Mayweather recently shared his views on the Black Lives Matter movement as well as Colin Kaepernick’s decision to sit and/or take a knee during the NFL’s paid for patriotic moment when the National Anthem is sung prior to a game and I don’t have to tell you that I disagree with his comments but T.I. definitely did.

T.I. posted the Floyd interview on his Instagram page and provided some nice words to remind him that he’s a Black man. Even watching the interview you can clearly see the white guy who’s interviewing Floyd is taken aback by his opinion on Kaepernick not being the starting quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers. I guess Floyd missed the announcement that the NFL team’s Coach Chip Kelly named Kaepernick as the starter about the same time Floyd shared his opinion. I’m glad T.I. decided to step up and react appropriately. T.I.’s project, Us or Else is an excellent musical compilation that deserves praise but I wish always emcees and Rappers felt compelled to share some knowledge with people in their own line of work. For all I know they are having those conversations behind the scenes and I do understand that the media isn’t going to share any positive story about any Rapper nor will every conversation be shared via social media. However; if it is socially irresponsible of Floyd to say some of the things he said what about your coworkers Tip?

Why aren’t you all holding each other to the same standard? If Black lives matter what are you doing to preserve them? I’m not talking about T.I. specifically but everybody! T.I. is doing his part with his music and performances but what about the rest of the young Rappers? When artists and other people complain about fans wanting Rappers to be more socially responsible it’s a cop out. Granted Hip Hop/Rap started out as “party music” the social messages were ALWAYS prevalent. It’s almost like Rap music paid Hip Hop to ignore the issues. It’s not blackmail, it’s not extortion, but it isn’t right and yes, it is Hip Hop’s responsibility across the board. 

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