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This year as we prepare for Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, and other holidays this time of year I noticed that the holiday soundtrack is a little wack in 2015. From the seventies to the nineties you could count on some rappers doing a Christmas song together. For me, “Christmas in Hollis” and “Santa Baby” are a couple of my favorite Rap songs I don’t that I play during the holidays. (Kurtis Blow too) I don’t even hear the classic R&B songs on the radio and you know the videos aren’t in rotation on BET and MTV like they did pre-Telecommunications Act in 1996. You would think that Rappers don’t celebrate Christmas or any other holiday; not to say that you have to make a Christmas song but why wouldn’t you? Look at 2Chainz and his Dabbing Santa sweater. The success of his “ugly” sweater inspired a few others to have their own holiday fashions. The Roots have been killing the Hip Hop “ugly” sweater game for a few years now.

I give Fetty Wap some credit for trying granted the song didn’t become as big of a hit as his other songs have but his song “Merry Xmas” was a good try. Are Rappers just not in the holiday spirit? You see a lot of them giving back to their community during this time and sharing the fruits of their labor with their families but it’s almost like we disconnect from them during a time that’s about togetherness. I don’t want to watch them un-wrap a brand new car on Instagram. I don’t need you to stunt on me this holiday season I need you to get in the studio and give me a freestyle or something. Even during the down south bass era The 69 Boyz and The Quad City DJs had Christmas songs so there should be no excuses.

That’s how you know who is really in charge of radio, television, and Rap music in general. We can’t even make a Christmas song a hit. Maybe someone like Drake has to make a holiday song; it would definitely work since he’s Jewish and apparently celebrates Christmas as well. So let’s go back, let me rewind that. You mean a Rapper can’t make a successful move unless a big name does it first? Nobody began unexpectedly dropping albums until Beyoncé did last year. So the only way to make it in the Rap game now is to be a copycat or unoriginal? So Rap music has flipped in the forty plus years it’s been thriving? Instead of being overtly different and creative you have to fit into a mold of a particular sound and look? If that’s what Rap/Hip Hop is giving us these days you can put that back under the tree.

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