Humpty Dumpty

Death Row Records was a juggernaut in the industry with Marion “Suge” Knight, Jr. at the helm. No one wanted to get on Suge’s bad side or get dropped from the label. With all the drama that went on behind the scenes as far as the violence it was a circus that Suge orchestrated. There is power in fear and Suge wanted people to fear him. He was a nice guy playing a role that eventually knocked him off. Suge was recently sentenced to twenty-eight years in prison for the death of Terry Carter and seriously injuring Cle Sloan during the filming of “Straight Outta Compton”. Coincidentally this week the estate for Tupac Shakur won a lawsuit over unreleased music. The battle between Pac’s estate and Death Row Records has been a long fight. Suge hasn’t had control of the label since it went bankrupt in 2006 and that was the beginning of humpty’s great fall.

Suge sat on the wall of violence for so long strong-arming, beating down, setting up, and threatening people that ultimately he had succumb to his own persona and image. Now Suge’s son is out here looking crazy on social media talking about Pac being alive. I was in middle school when Pac was murdered and we went through all of the conspiracy theories at that time. Suge has lost almost everything that was associated with the top tier label including publishing and master recordings and now one of his son Taj who goes by the name “Suge J. Knight” is probably going to start feeling the financial “strain” really soon. Now who knows what his son is going to do to keep the name “Suge Knight” alive or relevant.

When you make mistakes your children will be able to feel it. The choices you make today effect your future and the future of your offspring. When you’re locked up or dead the only thing that can keep you alive is your legacy. If you don’t leave your kids anything at all they inherit your legacy. Not all of us will be Googlable but your child will find out what type of person you are or were through the tales and stories of others. Those same people you support or hurt may reciprocate that to your offspring. Are Snoop and Suge’s kids cool? Why do you think not? Kanye isn’t the only one who needs to rebrand himself. Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall. Humpty Dumpty had a great fall. All of Suge’s lawyers and all of Suge’s goons can’t put Suge back on top again.

“Must be part of some big plan to keep a brotha in the state pen.” – 2Pac (The Streetz R Deathrow)

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