I Got the Keys

Over the weekend John Jackson better known as Fabolous received the keys to his home borough of Brooklyn by the Borough President, Eric Adams. In the same city Hot97 hosted their annual Summer Jam concert series with artists like Joey BadA$$, DJ Khaled, Meek Mill, and Remy Ma. I know Remy is from the Bronx but she showed out in BK! During her performance when she brought Cardi B, Young MA, MC Lyte, Lil Kim, & more onstage to spit a few of their own verses. Nicki Minaj ended up on that Summer Jam screen ladies and gentlemen! The beef between the two emcees never concluded because sneak disses are all the rage in the Nicki Minaj camp. A major key as to why Atlanta Hip Hop has taken over is unity. That is a concept that Nicki Minaj may need to learn and something Fabolous never abandoned. It is imperative in the Rap game to stand tall and represent where you’re from and Fabolous embodies Brooklyn, NY from the way he dresses, to the way he rhymes, and how he moves. The only other emcees that repped Brooklyn as hard or harder are Jay and Biggie. Fabolous may not have been part of the mainstream when Biggie was running our airwaves but he and Jay are cut from that same cloth.

Relationships in any field of employment have an emphasis on networking. 50 Cent did New York Hip Hop a disservice in the early 2000s when he beefed with damn near every emcee in the state. Atlanta Rappers aren’t worried, scared, or offended when they are working together. They know how to put their differences aside and secure the bag. When Nicki was out here shouting “free Remy” she should’ve been waiting in the wings with an instrumental and crossing her fingers to get a feature. What happened was Nicki separating herself from every other woman emcee in the game and pretty much every woman emcee ever. What other woman emcee has Nicki Minaj rhymed with since she became a pop star? So now that the Hip Hop audience is getting tired of her the mainstream is following suit. When Fabolous started his career he had a squad a crew and he still has the same “Street Family” he’s always had. Nicki’s circle has changed a lot over the years and not always for the better.

It doesn’t matter who you are because you can’t do everything alone. You cannot become successful alone, you cannot learn without a teacher, and you cannot develop as a person without social interactions with other people. You have to stay grounded in all that you do or someone or something will bring you back down to Earth really quickly. DJ Khaled has relationships with a lot of artists but his relationship with his own artists are suffering if they aren’t already dead. The keys to success come with a lot of responsibility so you shouldn’t be picking at every lock you see because once it’s broken the door will always be ajar.

“Ain’t no shook hands in Brooklyn.” -Fabolous

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