I Need a Hot Boy

Last week Robert “Meek Mill” Williams was in appeals court on Wednesday and as a result had a drug and gun conviction from 2008 overturned. Meaning that Mr. Williams is no longer on probation, but he may still have to go back to court for the original charge if the charges aren’t dropped altogether. In 2007 the Philly emcee was arrested for allegedly pointing a gun at a cop who was later found guilty of lying and theft after an internal investigation. Since Robert Williams became who we now know as Meek Mill he has been in a back-and-forth with the legal system citing probation violations, but that is no more! Meek Mill is the only one qualified to have a hot boy summer in 2019 because he’s the only one that has been knocking out goal, after goal, after goal! Sometimes we have to go through tough times to get focused and to stay focused. Meek Mill hasn’t had any relationships to distract him and his last album, Championships, should’ve been Grammy Nominated.

This is the type of man that needs to be celebrated to ensure that he doesn’t backslide. It’s easy to get caught back up in the lights, weaves, money, and cameras of the entertainment industry. Then to be one of the hottest rappers in the game right now adds another layer to the success story. Meek Mill is blossoming into a rose right before our eyes and that Philadelphia concrete is unlike no other. These young “hot girls” are out here wishing for a Meek Mill, but this new man we see is Robert Williams. Do not forget that Meek Mill is a rapper, a persona, an image, and a small aspect of who Mr. Williams really is. We are in the midst of the summer and while some of you all are out here having fun do not forget that there is still business to be had. We have probably one of the most important elections of our lives on the horizon, the environment is ever-changing, and there’re plenty of other social issues you can choose from.

If Meek Mill would have stayed in the same lane he would not be where he is today. A new trial and a new label deal with Roc Nation can change a man. Meek may look the same, but internally he is a new man and that is what attracts certain people and opportunities to you. You have to be something worth having if you want something worth keeping. It is all about self-improvement and development at the end of the day. If we remain stagnate then we will surely loose this thing called Hip Hop simply because we do not want to change.


“When they see us now, they can’t believe it’s us, no.” – Meek Mill (Oodles O’ Noodles Babies)

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