I Need Love

It’s the weekend and couples all over the globe are getting ready for Valentine’s Day! Chocolates, flowers, and jewelry are on the minds of millions for this special occasion. Part of being romantic is being original. Hip Hop wasn’t always open to machismo emcees showing love to Black women but LL Cool J made loving women cool; even Method Man caught flack for “You’re All I Need”. However thanks to Drake loving a woman is cool again. You know people are afraid to do things based off of their own independent thought. Jay Z made courting cool and marriage mainstream. Papoose and Remy Ma shout out Black love whenever possible. It’s been a little while but Fetty Wap had a lot of women ready to be a “Trap Queen”! You have to love Hip Hop because anybody can get some love. From moms and grandmas to baby mamas and aunties Rappers love to shout out the women who’ve made a serious impact on their lives.

On the other hand Rappers love promiscuity as well. They Rap about their girl being the baddest but will call her derogatory names in the same line. Is it insecurity? Is it inter-racism? What is it that makes some Rappers and some people contradict themselves in this manner. Yes there are different types of women in the world and not all of them hold the same moral standards but because women are on a pedestal anything that we do that isn’t congruent with how men see us then we become less than. When do men become less than? Just because society presents us with double standards does not mean that we have to accept those standards into our culture. It is imbedded, it is ingrained, and it is America. We have to resist conformity and hold on to as much independent thought as we possibly can. We don’t have to adopt their ideas but some do and those same people look to the majority for everything.

You need love, I need love, and we need love. Love is the absence of hate. No one can love anyone until they love themselves, so how do you love someone who doesn’t love themselves and how can someone love you if they’ve never loved themselves? Even if you show that type of person any type of love they wouldn’t know what to do with it or how to respond. Black men have never been able to express their emotions in a safe space and Black women cannot be seen as weak in any capacity. Both Black men and women have had to push through their emotions and stay “strong” for the greater good. So as you’re alone in your room staring at the wall and hear your conscience call telling you you need someone who’s as sweet as a dove, remember you need affection and joy. The warmth that is created by a girl and a boy.

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