Monie Love, Slick Rick, Young MC, MF DOOM, and 21 Savage are some of Hip Hop’s most popular Rappers from the United Kingdom. However, only two of these artists have or have had major issues with Homeland Security. Slick Rick was finally granted his U.S. citizenship in 2016 after a twenty-three yearlong battle with the legal system. How long will 21 Savage have to fight? Early Sunday morning, Atlanta-based Rapper 21 Savage was taken into custody during a “targeted operation” disguised as a traffic stop where three others were also arrested. Obviously, no one outside of Savage’s circle knew his citizenship status. He looked like a stereotypical Atlanta Rapper and he went to multiple high schools in the metro area so why would we question his origins? Savage’s real name is Sha Yaa Bin Abraham-Joseph, he practices the ancient African religion, Ifa and his mother is Dominican. Although, he was allegedly born in London it remains unclear to the public how Mr. Abraham-Joseph migrated to the U.S. While everyone assumes that immigration laws only effect Mexicans, we forget that immigration laws effect anyone who wasn’t born in this country. Even if you have your citizenship it would take Trump less than a minute to decide to “ban” anyone who wasn’t born in a U.S. hospital.

There are a lot of things at play here and yes, the Hip Hop cops are involved however; 21 should’ve had his citizenship concerns handled. After his 2104 arrest for the drug charge he came up on ICE’s radar, so they waited and watched as they always do because they have to build up their case. For everyone who believes their vote doesn’t matter you can see that it does and despite the Obama Administration’s immigration method of being off camera, Trump is the opposite so we’re going to get it front and center on our television, computer screens, and mobile devices. In the most culturally rich city in the country right now during Black History Month when we’re supposed to be boycotting the Super Bowl ICE agents jump out on one guy, we least suspect but love the most. We have Rappers that are African, English, Indian, Asian, and Canadian and they all can get deported at any moment. I’m sure you all wouldn’t want Drake deported then banned from the United States. Hopefully, Drake has his paperwork air tight because French Montana got his U.S. citizenship. I’m sure they would have offered some resources but if no one knew, how could they have helped?

I hope that this incident will encourage others who don’t have their paperwork in order to get things lined up ASAP! Don’t keep looking for Trump to be impeached or another government shutdown because ICE and Homeland Security aren’t going anywhere. Money can’t solve all your problems especially if you haven’t allocated any money towards solving it. 21 Savage has had enough money for quite some time and could have quietly settled this issue and gained his citizenship. It’s always easy to say what someone should have or could have done because we’re not in their shoes. This man has three children and siblings all whom live here, and we don’t know what brought his mother here. We don’t know their story, and maybe one day Sha Yaa Bin BKA 21 Savage will give us his origin story in the form of a documentary or a short film. For now, we need to educate ourselves on immigration policies and share resources that can help people in our communities get through this turmoil. Rappers can talk about “ice” in every verse on a Rap song but feel like it’s not their place to discuss politics. Rappers can talk about going to jail but they’re afraid to talk about deportation. Rappers can talk about shooting guns but not gun reform. Rappers and their fans become more disconnected from the issues and they become coldhearted just like the people referred to as “they”, and I bet “they” are immigrants too.

“Cry to immigration, thought I told ya” – A$AP Ferg (Yammy Gang)

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