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Well, we have come to the end of another week readers! I was initially reluctant to write about this particular topic but I will keep it short and sweet but you all know sometimes that doesn’t always work. So, if you haven’t heard by now Meek Mill and Wale are no longer at odds because the biggest boss Rick Ross has ended the inter-label quarreling. This week Wale was invited to Power 105.1’s Breakfast Club and you already know they asked him his thoughts on the Meek v Drake situation and as always Wale gave us his honest opinion. They asked him and he answered. He didn’t say anything out of pocket or disrespectful. Following this interview Meek Mill did what he’s increasingly becoming known for which is going to social media to express his personal feelings. Now as social media becomes more and more a part of our lives we know that you can’t post everything that comes to mind especially if you are just going to delete the post later.

To keep it short I am just going to say these few words; Meek Mill was wrong and he needs to talk to Wale in person before he goes to Instagram or any other social media to share his feelings. You can tell that Meek never listens to a complete interview but why Wale? Why is it that Meek Mill only goes hard on Wale? Nobody puts out that much emotion over a person or a situation that they don’t care about. Meek probably cares a lot about what Wale thinks of his music. Wale is not the same type of Rapper that Meek Mill is and Meek probably wishes he rhymed in the same space as a Wale or a Cole and a Kendrick. Then to go on and make lite of his bouts with depression is not a joke at all. Meek are you the one who is depressed? Are you still sulking over your loss to Drake?

The worse thing about this entire situation is the fact that you are not allowed to have an opinion on anything in Rap music today. You are not allowed to have an original thought or clearly you may be bullied. You are not allowed to voice your opinion on any major platform or you may have to suffer the consequences. The industry is molding these artists into one person. Everybody sounds the same, looks the same, dresses the same, and probably smells the same too. This is the best way to teach our children how not to think for themselves and not how to have an independent thought. Causing youths to lose their level of creativity making them less of a contributor to our own culture having us rely on them. I mean, I just don’t get it why would today’s Rap industry not promote individuality and originality. D.R.A.M. caught flack for saying Drake stole the beat to his hit Cha Cha. It wasn’t until Drake came out and said that he did try to do something similar and that he sampled the same song that Drake fans stopped trolling D.R.A.M. What is the world coming too? This is why we have to take advantage of the internet and make your opinions, thoughts, concerns, and/or comments known because my, your, and our opinions seem to be in danger of being stifled.

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