Internet Fo’ Life!

I think some of our readers need a quick lesson in career development. As new Rappers come and go in the Rap game a lot of them don’t realize the impact their digital footprint will have on them, their family, and their legacy…if they are successful enough to have one. A digital footprint consist of any photos, posts, videos, or other information about you that exists on the internet as a result of your online activity. Now I know some people are looking at XXXtentacion as this iconic figure but no matter how much “good” he was trying to do nothing will change the negative narrative he created for himself. That’s why we tell you young people and some of you alleged adults stop posting and sharing every moment of your life online! All of us aren’t going to become Rappers, Producers, Models, or Actors. Some of us will be everyday people and if you aren’t trying to be an entrepreneur you limit yourself in the career field when you post videos of you using drugs, using derogatory language, being drunk, and etc. You won’t be able to get into a college or university either because no one wants to be associated with anyone who appears not to have themselves together.

This is why people who knew what life was like before social media existed and the increased level of surveillance in this country say things like “I’m glad there was no IG when I was younger.” I’m one of them! I wasn’t living reckless however there are some moments I would rather reminisce on as oppose to seeing it on my timeline as a Facebook memory. I still go back now and delete old photos and politely ask whoever tagged me to delete the photo altogether. I’m private on pretty much every platform but I bet if I was a super sleuth I could find my MySpace page with who knows what from 2007. The internet is undefeated so don’t think that whatever you’re posting now is completely removed from the internet. Just because we delete it doesn’t mean that it’s totally gone, it’s in the cloud.

With the introduction of technology anybody including us “regular” folk can create our own narrative about our lives. Previous generations didn’t have that luxury and a lot of great people died without being able to reach the masses with their message. If you weren’t an author or had access to a writer you weren’t able to leave your mark on the world. If you weren’t mentioned any history books you almost didn’t exist. The U.S. didn’t even have a birth certificate system until the early twentieth century. However, as Pan-Africans we all know that those who write the history have the real power so who knows what XXXtentacion will be in the year 2206…they might liken him to Jesus.

“Mistakes are forgotten, no footprints of any missteps.” – Big Sean (All Figured Out)

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