ISIS Got Bars!

Apparently ISIS, yes that ISIS, has been recruiting members via music, rap music. They’ve released rap videos in the past and have established a record label. An “ex” German rapper was recently killed during an attack after he joined ISIS. All of this takes a toll on how some people view rap music here in the states. Rap has always been the scapegoat as to what’s wrong with the youth in America. Ever since Hip Hop Culture was created by the youth in the mid to late seventies older (white) adults that have no clue about Hip Hop and Rap music often point the finger in our direction.

Mainstream America knows that our culture was created by non-Whites and that equates to something that isn’t good for their children to partake in. That’s why Hip Hop is seen as rebellious as it sometimes can be but that isn’t what it’s all about. We know that the music genre we created can influence people globally but to have ISIS misuse that power is not how some people think it should be used. At the end of the day Rap music and Hip Hop Culture is about expressing yourself through your art. Who’s to say that how rappers influence young people here in the states isn’t the same as ISIS using it as a recruitment tool. Mainstream rappers tell the youth all the time to engage in destructive behaviors. That includes harming themselves through sex and drugs or to kill someone else.

I watched a great documentary on Noisey recently titled, “Hip Hop in the Holy Land”. I encourage you all to watch it a get a look into what Hip Hop and Rap music means to those in the same countries that we see on the news every day. I’m sure the media portrays them in the same negative light they portray us in. The only difference is that they already have control of our community in their country; they are just trying to exercise that same power in other countries.

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