January Book Review: Marvel’s Hip Hop Covers Sampler


So I made an exception for the first book review of 2016. This project is something I had been reading and seeing for some time now and thought this would be a great way to showcase the culture and how far it has gone since it began forty years ago. It’s no secret that real emcees are comic book fans and this sampler bridges the gap between the two worlds.

The sampler starts off with what I call the introduction by Killer Mike detailing how he became a comic book lover, how this project began, and why it makes sense. Now, comic book culture is something that I am unfamiliar with. I know your basic superheroes and villains but if you don’t know which characters are Marvel and which characters are DC you my friend don’t know anything. Killer Mike even in these brief paragraphs made you excited to flip through these pages. Shoot, I don’t know anything about comics but the intro made me feel like this was a little something more. In this digital age having a physical copy of anything Hip Hop is nostalgic.

I will say that the sampler is easy to follow and you don’t need to be a comic book guru (pun intended; I repeat pun intended) to check this one out. Some emcees as we know are comic book aficionados and so are some comic book aficionados. You can tell that time, thought, and effort was taken throughout this project. Ironman doesn’t automatically dawn a GFK album cover, in fact as easy as the Ironman cover is to guess I had to do a double take. With the character in his own panel on the left page it allows you to get an idea of how the character looks in his/her own environment in contrast to the album cover on the opposite page. Credit is given to each writer, artist, penciler, colorist, and inker involved in the project. I actually enjoyed reading who worked behind the scenes because as someone who isn’t into comic book culture I had no idea that “pencilist” was a job! Even with all my education I thought one person did all of the work.

The fun part obviously was guessing which album cover was which. At the time this was written I had deduced all of them except three because I cheated and researched one in particular. I wouldn’t suggest you cheat yourself out of that part of the experience but it’s fun to look up each cover after you have quizzed your inner Hip Hop and/or comic book nerd to death. If you’re a fan of Hip Hop Culture or comics, or if you know someone who is, this is definitely something cool and fun to own. It’s free at any comic book store while supplies last. I recommend this for any age group and I look forward to seeing the rest of the series!

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