Jay Electronica, Detox, and Wu-Tang Clan: The Longing For Real Rap

We have all been waiting years for projects from artists like Jay Electronica, Wu Tang Clan, and the infamous Detox from Dr. Dre. You’ve even seen interviews with artists saying Dre has played Detox for them and everyone has been reading about the hold up on the Wu Tang album. Every time I hear the name of these artists I’m hoping there’s an album or at least a single but you can’t rush quality. Besides getting in the studio being inspired to do music I’m sure the industry has turned its ugly head in spite of these projects. I’m sure somebody is telling Jay Elec ‘talk about this instead of that’ or ‘get on this Mike Will beat’. With the Hip Hop community longing for these and projects from similar artists I’m sure there is also a great deal of pressure from themselves, fans, and the label to put out a quality project. Especially for Jay Electronica who has not put out a full length album whereas Wu Tang and Dre have classic albums and years in the game under their belt. Sadly, some people may only know Jay Electronica because of his co-parent or the ‘Control’ verse that was for whatever reason overshadowed by Kendrick Lamar’s verse.

My question is if the Hip Hop community is on edge for these types of artists that will deliver real concrete lyrical content, quality, and instrumentals to deliver what they feel to be a worthy project why don’t they get the marketing or radio spins as the artist we don’t really care about. What’s the hold up?! I mean as far as the label not the artist. Nobody was waiting for Rick Ross like they are waiting for a Wu Tang album. Nobody is checking for Lil Wayne to drop ‘Carter 5’ like they’re checking for Jay Electronica. The other ‘Hip Hop sites’ are forcing those artists on us while we wait in the wings for years on these other projects. The label says lets release a Waka Flocka while they wait for the Nas to drop. Let’s distract them so when the real rap comes out they forget or no longer care about the other project. That’s not rocket science when you want to eat you’re hungry and if you’re hungry long enough you’ll eat anything. Not releasing Detox is totally up to Dre but the new generation has no idea about Detox and if it dropped would they care? Or will it just be us the Hip Hop Generation and those who came before?

The Hip Hop community was caught slipping over the weekend with the release of a freestyle from Jay Electronica and Jay Z. Jay Elec surprised everyone last weekend too with the release of a full songBetter In Tune With The Infinite”. Jay Electronica delivers once again even discussing how he seems to be suffering from writer’s block and is conflicted about what personal experiences he should share with us on his more than anticipated album. He goes on to say he is more than a name but a powerful human being, a black man. The song goes on into much more but the freestyle with Jay on the other hand shows no sign of writer’s block or reduction in skill level. This freestyle seems to be a reaction to the industry’s response to him releasing the full song. A lot of ‘Hip Hop sites’ only critiqued the song and just speculated on the release of an album rather than appreciate the fact that he released anything at all! He apologized to the fans and goes on to tell listeners that he can’t be labeled or marginalized (lol Ye). He’s reminding everybody that they came up in the industry together from nothing. Calling himself the ‘Farrakhan of rap’ referencing the political and social context of his lyrics. Displaying confidence in his lyrics he reminds everyone that he is better than most current rappers and is already a legendary lyricist. Jay Z comes on the Soulja Boy track acknowledging his ‘slave mentality’ saying he jumped on the slave ship to get his chain fixed yet owns his masters which is an accomplishment only few artists reach. Then he goes on to mention Lupita Nyong’o and compares their successes. Jay reminds everyone that he that he used to be in Jay Electronica’s position but is a black man descended from the kings and queens of Africa and that he does not have to make music anymore if he doesn’t want to and quotes Flavor Flav.

The Wu Tang Clan released ‘Keep Watch’ the same weekend Jay Electronica released his joint. There have been so many rumors surrounding that album its crazy. RZA calling out Raekwon and vice-versa. Given the way the historical group came about these types of rumors is sure to stop any production and halt the album causing personal rifts within the group. I just hope the rumors don’t take them down and they are able to give us the quality lyricism we have been craving. I love hearing new music from Ghostface Killah, Rae, and RZA but a full length Wu album would fill a space in my Hip Hop heart.

Labels act like they don’t know how to market or promote these artist even though we the consumer are hitting crack head levels of anticipation waiting for these projects to drop! They already have a fan base you don’t need to change them or try to shape their creativity. If you f*ck up the formula nobody is going to buy it! Why would you?! You want to maximize the fan base so they have to broaden their lyrics. Why won’t the industry respect the craft! BECAUSE, these are the artists that have the verbal power to influence to inspire us as a people to better ourselves especially Jay Electronica. These are the artists that will remind us that we are descended from kings and queens of Africa and that we are powerful together as a people. If the media empowered black people the powers that be would lose power and we can’t have that. That is the institutionalized racism that North American society is built upon. Like I’ve said before racism drives everything in the USA whether you want to believe it or not. Anything that empowers the black community has to be stopped and Hip Hop music is at the top of that list. Our people are out here longing for some inspiration something different! We are getting mentally weaker listening to Migos, YG, and Future! We want substance we want music! We want mental stimulation we want to think!!!!!

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