July Book Review: The Big Payback By Dan Charnas


The Big Payback By Dan Charnas

Printed in 2010 and written by Dan Charnas this book has received great praise from critics and members of the Hip Hop community. The book is one of the few Hip Hop literary works that start from where we see the culture of Hip Hop develop. In the case of Hip Hop Culture it began in the disco clubs in the Bronx. I won’t turn this book review into a history lesson but I appreciate the research that went into writing this book. I enjoyed looking at the photographs in the book because a lot of these people were behind the scenes and since photos from the seventies and eighties weren’t as sharable as they are now.

This book is a great read for some middle and high school age students as well as adults. Of course anyone who is trying to get into the music business should read this book because there are some gems. The one question about this book is where were the numbers? I wanted to see some paperwork and receipts but I guess the author didn’t want to put people’s livelihoods on front street. We’ve all heard the stories but this book solidifies and documents those stories we may have thought were rumors or hearsay. I definitely respect that which is why the book is a great read so you can understand the truth about how personal relationships and business may overlap.

If money is the root of all evil the lines become blurred when you become friends with someone you do business with. Some will even use the phrase “its business” to justify their dirty business. Again, this book is a great read and I also recommend this book for reading in a college level economics, music, or business course. The hardcover is a little thick so I am not sure about the paperback but Kindle is also available and may be found at your local library or on Amazon.

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