Jumpin’ Out the Window

First off, congratulations to the City of Philadelphia on their first Super Bowl win!!! The city is going crazy right now and I’m glad they are because New England needs to hang it up! Okay, okay I’m done with the sports but I just wanted to recognize the team since they showed our guy Meek Mill some love. Back to the lecture at hand. A couple of weeks ago we talked about younger artists complaining about newer artists copying the style they copied from another Rapper. Young rappers with no guidance have been jumping out the window lately making bold claims about them changing the game with their new style of rapping. Sometimes rappers put their foot in their mouths but my question is, did you jump or were you pushed? Did the Migos jump out the window on Big Boi’s Neighborhood morning show by saying they’re the greatest Rap group of all time or did Coach K and the nice people over at QC coax them into saying and possibly believing that statement? There’s nothing wrong with saying or thinking you’re the best but you can’t put yourself on a pedestal without having gone through the struggle that legendary artists go through.

WuTang, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, N.W.A., ATCQ, De La Soul, and so many more groups have been etched in Hip Hop history but Migos have a long way to go. Bizzy Bone went on Instagram live to share his thoughts on the Migos’ statement. The one thing he mentioned that people are overlooking is him holding the interviewers accountable for their line of questioning. When I am interviewing J. Cole or Kendrick Lamar about Hip Hop influences why wouldn’t I mention emcees of that ilk? Especially when I lived through that era and was a contributor to the culture during that time. I mean it could’ve been an honest mistake and maybe the interview was rushed and Big Boi could only ask the questions that were in the forefront of his thoughts. It is up to the Hip Hop/Rap personnel that channeled their contributions to the culture into media to ask the right questions and to provide the right segues.

Just because you’re interviewing someone doesn’t mean you can’t teach them something or that they can’t learn something from you during the exchange. Whenever you come into contact with anyone else a learning experience should take place. Whether you learn a new social cue or a new holistic home remedy something has to be learned from both parties. If you can’t teach someone a lesson during a five minute interaction you need to put your phone down and stay off of social media. To be a good interviewer you need empathy, sympathy, knowledge, enthusiasm, personality, and a level of seriousness amongst other things. I’m not saying Big Boi is a terrible interviewer but a lot of interviews are one in hopes of going viral or getting a particular sound bite. So does the interviewer jump or are they coaxed by the program director to jump out the window? If everyone is jumping or being pushed who is going to be the responsible party to tell the higher ups no?

“They pump Bone, so leave ’em alone you don’t wanna get shut down” – Krayzie Bone (Thuggish Ruggish Bone)

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