Justice For The Meek

I am going to preface this piece with a little clarity. I do believe that Judge Genece Brinkley was egregious in her sentencing of Meek Mill. I also believe that Meek Mill needs to realize that he’s a target. POINT. BLANK. PERIOD. Robert Rihmeek Williams needs to move better and do better. You plead guilty for popping wheelies on a quad bike in NYC only to get 30 hours of community service and was able to keep it off of his record. Then an unruly fan got to you and a physical altercation ensues at a St. Louis airport resulting in a misdemeanor assault charge and 30 more hours of community service. So when the judge in Philadelphia schedules a hearing after two arrests for someone who’s on probation did you think your celebrity was going to get you off? I think your lawyer may have filled your head with false hope. Regardless of whether or not the judge, the DA, or the local police don’t like you, the system was set up to take you down from the moment you were conceived in your mother’s womb! No matter how much money, fame, celebrity, or influence you have you will always be a Black man.

Meek Mill is out here making moves like he’s still on the streets, why?! While Colin Kaepernick is out here suing leagues, filing suits, and holding Know Your Rights Camps Mr. Williams you are out here allowing the system to build up a case against you and send you upstate for a dime or two! The worse part of all of this are the fools who are rallying and “calling for justice” over someone who doesn’t want to or doesn’t see why he needs to change. iHeartradio is putting The Breakfast Club on for a marathon airing on Thursday and folks are attending rallies at the Criminal Justice Center in Philadelphia. You all have got to be kidding me. I’m all for standing up for those who can’t speak for themselves and holding the justice system accountable for their policies geared toward Black men and women and other minorities but I don’t think Meek Mill needs our help. He can afford a lawyer and he can avoid getting arrested if he stops getting arrested.

Meek Mill has been given more chances than the rest of us. I know there is someone you know maybe directly or indirectly that needs this platform that Meek has for their own case. The judge asking Meek Mill to “do a remix of Boyz II Men’s On Bended Knee” is hearsay unless you were in the courtroom, go buy a transcript. If we don’t hold Meek Mill accountable he will be in and out of jail until his lawyer money runs out. Fake urine samples, no communication, and for what? Michelle Obama said recently that “we love our boys and we raise our girls”. That’s what’s happening in this instance. Meek Mill needs to grow up and man up. If Meek’s lawyer thought that Judge Brinkley was so dreadful he should have filed a motion to have her removed from the beginning. You all need to wake up and get real. The energy you put into this rally could be used towards the NFL boycott, the Dove boycott, or whatever other boycott you all are going to come up with by the end of the year. While you’re rallying for Meek the kkk administration is running amok in Washington D.C.

“See my dreams unfold, nightmares come true.” –Meek Mill (Dreams and Nightmares Intro)

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