Kamala & Kanye in 2020

Yesterday as the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday was observed Senator Kamala Harris officially put her bid in for the Presidential race in 2020. The internet went wild! Black people were as we always are, conflicted. Don’t get me wrong we were all in for Barack Obama in 2009 simply because he was Black. (His nationality is not up for debate here) I know you Hip Hop Heads haven’t forgotten about Kanye putting in his bid for 2020 at the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards. As the internet started circulating the story I began to see people not supporting Senator Harris in her Presidential campaign. I began to see tweets and posts about how we need to check her voting record and research her background. I do not have an issue with people doing research and making an educated vote, but to question her Blackness after this woman has graduated from the Ivy League of HBCUs, Howard University and pledged one of the top Black Greek Letter Organizations, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. This person is also Asian woman primarily raised by her high caste East Asian mother in Canada. You all are telling the GOP that you are more likely to vote for Kanye then you are for her, a person with the experience AKA a Black woman who just happens to be a politician!

In 2015 before Kanye made the public aware of his mental illness people loved and revered him unconditionally but too bad that unconditional love is limited to Black men only. Why do we as a community discredit Black women when they’ve done nothing less than carry us into the twenty-first century? They are there when our sons are gunned down by racist police, they are there when you need someone to discipline your child, and they are there taking care of your business after you die. Black women are the most educated group of people in this country, yet we die three times the rate of white women during labor, and we have the highest incidence rates were higher for breast cancer. What else do you want to subject us to that this country hasn’t already? We go to work, raise your kids, and cook your food but I can’t be your President? Would you tell your daughter no? You don’t want your sister to “shake things up”? All a Black woman is good for is mothering and intercourse. We’re always reduced to what we can do for a man.

Well, sir, while you’ve been so embroiled in every Kanye tweet, the latest Soulja Boy news, or Trump’s mismanagement of the presidency Senator Harris has been doing the actual work. People are opposing her voting record but those same people were ready to give their unconditional love I mean votes to Hilary Clinton in 2016 knowing no one has jailed more Black men then the Clinton family. Stop making Black women the sacrificial lamb because your morals are making you think twice. If no other option presents itself you’re going to what…vote for Trump or throw away your vote to a third party? Elizabeth Warren may run for President in 2020 but maybe you’ll vote for the white woman instead despite white women voting against Clinton for Trump in 2016! Keep putting your culture and your faith in politics in someone that doesn’t care about you or your community. As the 2020 Presidential Election approaches please remember that these candidates will troll, pander, and beg for your vote but the Black woman is the only one who has to prove that she is worthy of your vote. Maybe if Kanye West comes on as her running mate all that testosterone will trump his mental illness.

“If I was President the first thing I would do is get my people out of sense.” – Wyclef Jean (Election Time)

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